Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good Saturday

Easter is here.
Somebody asked me did I know there was an earthquake the moment Jesus took his last breath. No, I did not know that. Well, he did, the friend said, and told me two verses that said so, which I didn't retain.

But now, I am wondering something else about the Bible. I have read the Bible at least twice but might read the Old Testament again for a question I have: Is Heaven mentioned in the Old Testament? Is a place mentioned that after you die your soul is rewarded if you followed the Ten Commandments and/or The Golden Rule?

My sister bought a new Buick, sight unseen, from a dealership yesterday. She didn't see it until it was delivered to her. Her ten year old Buick was getting undependable and sometimes would start and sometimes wouldn't and the dealership mechanics couldn't find anything wrong with it. She wanted something more dependable. However, it is her money and if she is happy then I am happy.

I can not imagine buying something that expensive and not shopping around and comparing.

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