Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Did We Do Without Computers?

This is a progress report on changeover from my old computer to the new computer, in case you care. But mostly I typing it all as a method of organizing my brain to see how I stand with it all.

We successfully loaded most of the stuff I deal with on the new computer. There are a few more things I will have to deal with, but nothing life threatening if I don't have it.

I figured how to flip photos and let them stay that way. I was having problems flipping photos and coming back a minute later and they unfllipped themselves. You might ask why would I want to flip them at all? Because in some cases every other one was upside down, that's why. Going through the Olympian high school yearbooks scanning pictures I had to turn everyother one upside to scan it, or the weight of the book wouold make the book slide off the scanner. And up until the new computer, it was no problem to flip it and save it. The new picture system I cannot find a selection to save the picture. So, I flipped it and look at it a second later and it was back like it was. However, I found by experimenting that if I flip the picture when it is the thumbnail status, it stays that way.

Trial and error. Sometimes that is the only way you can move forward. Just so surgeons do not have that positon, it works with me.

Up until this morning I could receive email and not send it out. I had to go through the internet provider. My son, by remote from his office, took over my computer and corrected the outgoing mail problem. It is fixed now.

My old genealogy program Legacy 5.0 that I had several years would not work on my new Windows7. I downloaded the latest version Legacy 7.4 and it seems to be working great. For several hours I was concerned that the 35 years of my life was wasted, because if the data was unretreiveable...my skin crawled. But now, all is up today with my latest genealogy findings.

I forgot to mention on Father's Day when we downloaded files it also downloaded over 2800 incoming emails. When an email comes in, I sort most of them. Apparently Bellsouth didn't care if it was sorted or not. If it was incoming it pulled the emails from their files with them kicking and screaming and threw them in the box car headed for my computer. Then, when he got back into my computer this morning, it resent all those again, for a while today I had 5600 emails in my incomg box. I deleted all about the last few weeks. I made copies of them ton my externa harddrive last week anyway.

I could find my MAGIX CLEANER program which copied the music from LP records and converted it into MP3 music, so I am in the market for a cheap version of something like that.

The video movie editor that came with the MS programs looks promising. I think it will be better than I had with the old computer.

Also my MAD collection of the first 300 issues of MAD could not be loaded. So, I looked around on the net and found the latest version if the first 500 issues for about $50, which this time it is on one DVD. The earier version with 300 issues was on 5 CDs and it cost $45. It has only increased $5 in the past ten years, but you get a lot more.

Wouldn't be nice to live in a hut to get in it when it rained hard and just pick berries, fish, and hunt and pick fleas off your companion and not worry about all this computer stuff?

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Blogger Susan said...

I empathize! Got a new computer at the first of the year with Windows 7, should have waited til the bugs were all worked out, but it mostly works now...

Computers - can't live with 'em sometimes, can't live without 'em.

Not sure I want to go back to picking fleas, though!

9:25 AM  

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