Saturday, June 05, 2010

Disavowing BP

In about August of 1965 I went to work for Sinclair Refining Company in Atlanta. I worked there three years before going to work for the Atlanta Post Office.

I worked in the office of the Sinclair warehouse the whole time.

After I was there about two years British Petroleum (BP) bought out Sinclair. As you may have guessed, BP's central headquarters was in England.

One of the high ranking officers and major stock holder of BP sent his son Tim B. to America to work with us. He was there to learn from the ground up the Sinclair business so as BP slowly over the operations Tim would know what was going on.

Tim was a tall lean person that had a very gentle British accent. Although he was probably worth millions, you would never know it. He was a very humble He was very proud that his first cousin was British pop singer Ian Whitcomb.

Tim was about my age and we we got along great. Not only on the clock but after work sitting on a car hood having a beer at the Riverside Package Store. We also went bar hopping and partys. We also double dated. I was dating Anna and married her during this same time period. I think Anna may have fixed Tim up with a date or two.

When I jointed Sinclair I signed up for their payroll-deduction stock-option plan. The company would match every dollar I put into it, providing I kept it for a certain length of time, five years I think it was. BP observed the same policy.

When I got a job at the post office I gave my branch manager a letter of resignation informing him I was giving a two week notice. In the letter I closed it by saying, "I will continue to promote BP's good name". That was my way of not burning any bridges behind me.

Wait! I want to know - was that letter a valid contract? Can I back down on the "promote BP's good name" part? After breaking the rules and ruining a good portion of the planet which will have consequences on down the line for a long time, I don't want to support BP's good name. I may get out of it on a technicality - what good name?

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "Hmmmmm..rubbed elbows with one of the major stockhholders of BP and was a stockholder himself....hmmmm"

Wait! I cashed my stock in as soon as the waiting time was up to help pay down on a house, and I never heard from Tim B. after I resigned, and besides I have an alibi for April 20, 2010. Anna will swear that I mailed back to AT&T two cell-phones that day. They sent us 4 and we only needed 2. So, I couldn't have been in the Gulf of Mexico that day could I?

I have nothing to do with BP any more (I say, shifting my eyes back and forth).

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Blogger kenju said...

Good for you. I won't ever buy from them again (although I haven't done so in at least 20 years.)

9:20 PM  

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