Friday, June 18, 2010

Rhetta Akamatsu, Marietta Ghostbuster

Yesterday we went to the Marietta History Museum to listen to a talk given by Rhetta Akamatsu.

Rhetta wrote the book HAUNTED MARIETTA. HAUNTED MARIETTA fascinated me for three reasons: (1) it covers the history of Cobb County very well (2) It talks about ghosts of Marietta, and (3) most importantly, it mentions and me several times.

I did a review on the book in October 2009. To read the review, click here .

The talk was to start at 11:30. We arrived 30 minutes (of course) and were the first ones there (as usual). After a few minutes the second party arrived, which was the speaker of the day, Rhetta Akamatsu. In person she is very easy going and non-pretentious.

When we shook hands she recognized my name instantly and seemed delighted that I had come. She said Chicken-Fat was the first to review her book. And HAUNTED MARIETTA was the first book to mention Chicken-Fat - and, to my knowledge, is still the only contender in that category.

Rhetta spoke for an hour and then took questions. We had a doctor's appointment and had to hit the road as soon as Amy, the curator, gave her a gift and opened the floor opened for questions.

I videoed it off and on during her talk but because of the sound quality I am just putting the beginning and end to give you a jest of it. See below.

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Anonymous Rhetta said...

Thank you so much, Eddie, for coming out and for the video. I would just like to point out that the camera makes everyone look bigger. I'm really a slim, young, thing. Ha!

I really had so much fun at the Museum. They are all so nice to me there!

5:59 AM  

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