Thursday, June 24, 2010

Around About Town on Tuesday

Yesterday I went to Physical Therapy. While sitting in the waiting room waiting for the therapist to come and get me I noticed an elderly man and lady at the counter. I think it was their first visit, well, actually, a pre-visit. They had their daily planner out trying to find a day they had available that the physical therapy outfit could fit them in.

Suddenly from the back therapy rooms was a loud blood curdling scream. It was ignored and they continued to stand at the counter comparing available dates.

Then another blood curdling scream that even reached a higher pitch. The elderly lady put her planner back into her pocketbook and said something to the effect of, we better wait, I want to check on some things. They left before the receptionist could say anything.

A few minutes later the receptionist walked out into the center of the waiting room and announced to all 4 of us sitting that they had the TV on the World Cup Soccer Match . I said, “I’m glad to hear that.”

Then she invited all that wanted to could go back and watch the game too. She had no takers.

Shortly, my therapist came to get me. She is a small frame lady with a nice gentle nature about her. She was working with me doing my exercises and two other people nearby. We each had something different going on.

There were also two male therapists. One of the males and my therapists would scream out at the TV when they should have taken a shot at the goal but didn't. They were really into the game, but yet at the same time knew exactly what was going on with their patients.

Then U.S. Player Landon Donovan scored for the U.S. This was the only score in the game. The U.S. won.

As soon as the wining goal was struck all three therapists had a loud cheering session and high fiving. It energized my therapist so much she started jumping up and down very high, which made her look she was more like bouncing - then she jumped up on a bench-like bed and started doing jumping jacks.

I think I heard a door up front slam shut. Had another potential patient made a break for it?

It made everybody there happy. My therapist was in glee.

After that I went to Brandi’s World Famous Hotdogs. Brandy’s Mama waited on me. I sat at the counter and ordered a chili dog and a hamburger. Coincidentally, so did the two men on each side of me. Great minds think alike I guess.

Then I met Anna at Kroger’s to shop. It is 5% Discount Day for us elderly old souls.

In the deli section I overheard an old fart asked a clerk in the deli section where was the free samples. I couldn’t hear what the clerk replied back but the old fart said, “Well, how will we know if we like something or not?”

The young man left for a second and got permission to open a box of cookies. The kind of Kroger cookies that have M&M on them. The old fart reached in the box and got one, and walked away eating it.

The young man quickly disappeared behind the counter with the opened box.

I wondered what they were going to do with the remaining cookies. Maybe they will put a strip of tape over the lid, and nobody will miss a single cookie or maybe they will pass it around among the workers.

I wondered if I pitched an “Old Fart Fit” would I be awarded with a cookie too?

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