Friday, June 25, 2010

Lurking Around a Concert at a Church

We went to a concert at the Pavilion at the First Methodist Church in Marietta yesterday. It was the first time we have visited this sedate park created by the church. It is very nice.

And when I was wandering around the natural area of the park and thinking how sedate it is I thought it is only two blocks from the downtown Square.

During the concert, behind the pavilion that we were facing is a green grass area that is also part of the church property. On the green area solo was a man practicing his skills with a soccer ball. I couldn't resist walking down and videoed a very dedicated athlete.

The Cobb Symphony Orchestra did a wonderful job concerting. They always do, even it hot swealtering weather as last night.

I did everyone a favor and overlaid their music is 1812. My tiny little mike on my tiny little Flip camcorder would not have done the music justice.

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