Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Served Cold

We belong to a video-by-mail club. You can watch as many movies as you can per month. In order to get our money’s worth we keep the postal service busy receiving and mailing back movies.

In this situation we see movies we would not normally see. Which is a good thing and also a bad thing.

We watched COLD SOULS last night with Paul Giamatti. Paul plays himself, but hopefully he is not as neurotic or nervous as he self portrayed himself.

The movie is about after scientists discovered the souls of humans are actually a physical mass , about the size of a marble, embedded deep within the brain. Probably for the convenience of movie making no operation is required to remove the soul . You are put ins a MRI –like contraption and your soul is extracted.

When your soul is removed from you it doesn’t change that much about you. It does not damage your daily functions although you are likely to get emotional when you hear a sad story or watch a sad movie. And you may not laugh at something funny.

It just occurred to me that it did not seem to effect Paul Giamatti’s relationship with his wife. It seems it would.

In the movie there is a need for certain individuals to have their souls plucked, for professional reasons. Having a soul might influence their judgment. In Giamatti's case, he felt it would make him a better actor.

The soul, after it is removed, is kept locked in a vault with the owner having the only key. This soul removing is of course for the wealthy.

Of course, like any other good thing or fad, it won’t be long before the gangster element get their grubby hands on it. They began stealing souls out of the safe deposit box and I would tell you how they managed that, but honesty, I nodded during that time.

The underground element who was swiping the souls and selling them on the black market was the Russians! (just to make matters interesting).

Did I tell you this was a dark comedy? I usually thrive on dark comedy, but sometimes WHISH! (me making an upward motion) the y go over my head.

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thanks for the review - probably won't be getting this one!

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