Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Invisible Man at the Madi Gras

Recently , out of curiosity, I ate at a fast food restaurant that is known for its Cajun flair. It shall be nameless in this post.

I wanted to try their Cajun chicken. At the counter I ordered 2 pieces of “spicy or Cajun Chicken” I said. And a Diet Coke. The lady behind the counter talked me into a combo, and I got coleslaw instead of fries.

When I took my traay there were two young ladies, maybe late teens or in their early 20s hanging out in front of the counter that had the drink dispenser and the plastic-ware and napkins, drink cup tops, straws, etc. they already had their food and the stuff this side counter had to offer. They were just talking.

I stood there politely. That is one of the main reasons I am invisible. I am polite and quiet – and mostly still.

I noticed the youngest looking of the two had on shorts and a low-cut blouse. The other one had a beach towel wrapped around her and part of it was hiked up to the end of her thigh…. Her fleshy thigh, with nothing covering that fleshy thigh. Oh-oh.

One of them finally noticed me and the one wrapped in a towel said, “I’m so sorry sir! I didn’t realize you were waiting behind us.”

I said, “No problem.”

She said you want napkins and a straw? And within a flash she had placed a plastic spoon/fork wrapped in cellophane, a straw and a plastic cup cap on my tray. I thanked her.

Then I looked at the drink dispenser. It was a State-of-the-art drink dispenser. There was only spout. I didn’t know where to start.

Again, the young lady wrapped in a beach towel came to my rescue. She showed me where to place the cup, and what to press for ice (the brace behind the cup) and then what did I want to drink? I told her Diet Coke and she pointed at the Diet Coke icon on the plastic thing above the dispenser. She told me to press that. This time the plastic thing changed icons. About 4 or 5 different flavor Diet Coke icons materialized. She asked me did I want the cherry flavor Diet Coke. NO, I said, just the regular flavor.

She told me I could have spurted a little of each type of Diet Coke if I wanted. They had Cherry, grape, lemon, regular, and maybe more.

I thanked her and carried my tray and sat down. The two females continued standing in that same spot, hogging the counter space of the extra stuff for no apparent reason.

Oh well,.

I tried the Cajun chicken. I had a thigh and a breast. It wasn’t as spicy as I hope. Chick-fil-a has them beat in spicy chicken arena.

However, I think this Cajun fast food restaurant’s coleslaw was better than Chic-fil-a’s.

There was only other person in the dining roor:. a guy on a lap-top and cell-phone. I suspect he was the manager. In fact, I am pretty sure he was. The cashier walked over and talked to him in a cheese-eating fashion. And also the two ladies did the same, walked over and talked to him in a very friendly cheese-eating way.

Which tells me the duo were probably employees that dropped by on their off day to either pick up their check or get some points in. And, I suppose all the assistance I got by the side counter was a points getting ploy.

The two females finally sat down and ate a while. Then the lady with the towel stood up. The other one stood up too and pulled out a cell phone from someplace on her scant clothing. The one with the towel dropped it.

Before, as I mentioned, I thought of the possibility that she was nude under the towel. She wasn’t naked. She had on an itsy bitsy bikini. It was not polka-dotted.

The cell phone was also a camera. It had a flash. The one with the bikini posed and the other one took the picture. I thought that the probable manager was in the background. I looked over to him and he was engrossed in his laptop and cell phone and didn’t seem to notice.

I bet he will when someone shows him his picture on a blog or something.

I saw that on both doors as you enter from either side there is an embedded sign that said something like, “WELCOME! EVERY DAY IS MADI GRAS HERE!

I looked over at the girl clad in teeny bitsy bikini posing for pictures and thought this could be something like the Madi Gras, without the beads and the booze.

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Did she say....."Throw me something, mister?"

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