Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Important Question About Herbert Hunter

These are pictures of my uncle Herbert Hunter years ago. In this blog world many people have told me they remember getting their haircuts at Herbert Hunter's Barber Shop.

We had a very delightful dinner with friends last night. The husband grew up in Marietta the same time I did. After dinner the man poured us drinks that were a super rare and quality bourbon of the the Jim Beam Distillery Company.

We talked about Herbert and what a character, or strong individual he was. He gave us both haircuts during our formative years. Then I think it was me that said his barber chair was up front by the window. Then my friend said, no, it was it the back.

I said, No, no. It was up front.

Then he said, nope! In the back!

I said, "I know it was up front!"

He said, "And I know it was in the back and Isaac Veach's chair was up front!"

The gracious host is probably a foot taller than me and I could picture in my mind that rare Jim Beam's Personal Private stock bottle breaking over my head. So, I was willing to compromise. I said, maybe we are talking about different time periods.

We concluded that maybe, just maybe, we are both right. He mostly remembers getting the haircuts in 1960 and after. I think I found a cheaper barber in about 1958 or 1959.

If you, dear reader, remember getting your haircut at Hunter's Barber Shop in Marietta, where do you remember Herbert Hunter's barber chair was, in the front or in the back?

This last picture Herbert is on the left and his uncle Ed Tyson is on the right. They were close to the same age. They were both single at the time. They look like two bachelors on the prowl.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the front, right by the window.

6:04 AM  
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