Sunday, June 06, 2010


As you may, or may not, have noticed my SUNDAY FUNNIES follow a certain method when it comes to recycling the MAD comics. I slowly go in order.

I don't run a MAD story every week, but maybe ever 2nd or 3rd week, so they will be a rarity, sort of, so appreciated more. My last MAD story was about 3 Sundays ago. It was STARCHIE in MAD 12. So, this week I had planned to recycle the next story in #12, which is the takeoff of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY.

As you can see there is a method is my MADness.

But wait! Bhob Stewart in his POTRZEBIE blog beat me to it. Not only did Bhob have the MAD story but he also told background details I was not aware of. That was his post on May 31, 2010. And for more, on June 2, 2010, he points out that Kurtzman made more references to the New Senator Hotel, whore house in Honolulu, than James Jones, the author of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. Check out Bhob's blogs about it May 31, and June 2, 2010 by clicking here.

Now, with Bhob doing a much better job than I would have done anyway, I will skip to the next story in MAD #12, MAD MUMBLINGS (letter page) and 3 DIMENSIONS. The story was written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Wally Wood.

And away we go!

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