Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Street Music in New Orleans

Here I am sealing someone else's work again. Instead of saying "stealing" lets say something cleaner. Lets say I am presenting their work.

If you want to listen and watch a flow of endless Dixieland jazz-Blues go to youtube and search for Tuba Skinny and Meschiya Lake.
The first three videos below are of the Tuba Skinny band. I dug through and found three that I think show the characters of the performers.

In the above youtube videos on the Tuba Skinny band did you notice the coronet player? Her sitting postion is second from the right. Her name is Shaye Cohn. I think shaye can really blast out a good tune. She complements the bellowing singress Erika Lewis.

While flipping around on youtube searching for some good Dixieland to listen to I came across the Meschira Lake and the Little Big Horns. And yep, there was Sheye sitting right in the middle of them, blowing her coronet. Do musicians switch around to releive people in other bands sometimes? Even if that band is a compeitor? I think they are alll in the same fun-loving laid back community.

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