Monday, June 07, 2010

1860 Census of Robert C. Tyson

Here is the 1860 Census of my great-great grandparents Robert Cabel Tyson (1821-1864) and Sarah Moody (1815-1896) and their family. The head of the census form states that is for Cherokee County, Georgia, the Cross Road District. The lived near the crossing of Bells Ferry Road and what is now Hwy 92. I think then the name of Hwy 92 was the Alabama Road.

If you want to see the details of the information the 1860 census had to offer you need to click on it to enlarge it.

One of the children listed is my great grandfather Obediah H. Tyson.

The oldest child listed is Nancy A. Tyson. Nancy would marry James Ephrah Kuykendall. They are my wife Anna's great-great grandparents. That makes us 3rd cousins, once removed.

Of course no one knew a that enumerating time in 1860, but Robert only had about four years left on this earth. Robert Cabel was not old when died. He was 42 years old. It so happens that in 1864 is the year when Sherman came through causing death and destruction. Robert died April 6, 1864. That was two months before Sherman came to Kennesw Mountain, between Marietta and Kennesaw. I think in April he was probably tugging southward the area of Chattanooga and Dalton.

I wonder how he died?

Here is a possibility: Within the past few years it has came to light that Sherman's Calvary Scouts had a skirmish on the edge of Tyson's Cemetery in the area.

Tyson Cemetery, at the time only had two residents: Robert Cabel Tyson's parents. Then Robert in April Robert joined them and later on his wife Sarah Moody. Those four are the only four marked graves in the cemetery, but there are a number of large stones that may be unidentified markers.

Who knows?

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