Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cajun John & The Bossman

Not too long ago I read a review on Cajun John's in a little publication that specialized in reviewing local restaurant along with a lot of advertisements. The reviewer spotlighted Cajun John's. He said Cajun John's had delicious New Orleans style shrimp po'boys. He said he also asked for gumbo and from the darkness inside window he was told no gumbo was available. No gumbo available for that day? That week? It was on the menu.

I like Cajun food and I like un-franchised small home-type non-pretentious eateries. I wanted to try Cajun John's.

I knew by the review it was in a little building behind a gas station on Powder Springs Road, and it had a Marietta address. That told me what my limits were. From the beginning of Powder Springs Street in downtown Marietta to the East West Connector, probably about five miles. Each time I rode down Powder Springs Road I looked for it. One day coming form the Cobb County Dump I saw it.

It was a clean white building but nothing fancy.

I mentioned Cajun John's to my friend Brad Martin who is staying just a couple blocks down the street and he said he tried Cajun John's Po'boys and enjoyed it. He said it was piled with shrimp and even shrimp were falling out of it. Brad's wife Susan said there were enough shrimp falling out of the sandwich for her to put on her salad. Maybe she said two salads.

About a week later we were in the area it was too close for dinner, but I pulled and got a menu. When I walked up to the window I tried to look in but it was too dark; just like the reviewer said.

From the darkness a voice said, "What do you need Bossman?"

I asked, "Do you have any menus I can take?"

He very nicely said, "I sure do Bossman!" and slid the little sliding window sideways and gave me a paper menu.

Yesterday, I tried Cajun John's shrimp po'boy. Anna ordered, well, I guess you would it was a shrimp dinner which came with one side. She wanted Okra. From the darkness Cajun john asked, "Bossman, do you want your po'boy fully dressed?"

"Yes, please". I was hoping it would be fully dressed with whatever makes Cajun Cajun, like spices of all kinds and other tasty delights.

Both Anna's and my shrimp were plentiful deep fried popcorn shrimp. It was good. But it was not spicy as I was hoping. It had lettuce, tomato, and mayo and also I think a sauce of some kind. Maybe po'boys are not suppose to be spicy, what do I know?

(Note - I take that back, Po'boys do not have to be spicy. See the comment below from my old Navy buddy Reuben)

However, the okra was a little spicy!

I want to try his Cajun Chicken the next time. Then maybe gater bites and after that frog legs.

I heard Cajun John sing to himself as he cooked and assembled our meals. When I heard movement noises near the window I asked him about gumbo.

"No gumbo, it is too hot of a season".

"Crawfish Etouffee?" I asked.

"No Bossman, too hot for crawfish."

So! That is why! It is a seasonal item!

The next time I heard movement in the darkness he was wrapping our food in butcher white wax paper on the counter inside the window. He told me the price and I paid him. He thanked the Bossman.

As I was putting the food behind the seat in the car Cajun John himself stepped out of his building and was walking hurriedly up towards the convenience store. I asked him if I could take a picture of him. He was very kind. He stopped wherever he was going and posed.

Cajun John out of the shadow and in broad daylight.

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Anonymous Reuben said...

PO' Boy's are not normaly spicy though you can spice them up a bit depending on the seasoning used on the shrimp. They are know for having a lot of shimp/oyster/roast beef in them, depending on which one you choose. My favorite is oyster.

If you want spicy next time try the boudin ball. They are normally spicy. Ask Cajun John.

3:29 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Thanks Reuben. I'll ask old CJ about boudin balls.
I am glad to know that po'boys are not normally spicy.
I remember the spicy "head-cheese" you brought back to the ship when we were on the USS NEWPORT NEWS in port in New Orleans when you went to your folks' home in Louisiana.

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

regar Harry's an authority on the head cheese.

8:03 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

Oh, boy would I like some of those Po' boys!!

8:09 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Judy, Oh Boy for a po'boy!


Who's Harry?

8:42 AM  

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