Wednesday, June 09, 2010

35 MPH

As you know, there is a loose group of us GOBAG that have weekly irregular attended get together every Tuesday, late afternoon. To feast and giggle.

Have you ever thought how we got there? Do you think we walked? No. Do you think we flew airplanes or helicopters? I don't think so. Did we ride bikes? Nope.

I would almost bet the farm that we all arrived by a motorized vehicle, either car or truck.

Which brings to mind yesterday evening. I got behind Jackie Gaskin driving his 1924 What-ever-mobile to the GOBAG get together. His passenger was Paul Roper.

Jackie's top speed was 35 mph. You should have seen the line of cars behind me!

If you are trying to recognize the background we were on Scufflgrit Road driving from Sandy Plains, and of course the road automatically became Allgood Road which took us up to all the traffic in front of the traffic light at Allgood and the 4-Lane.


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