Friday, June 11, 2010

1958 OLYMPIAN - Signings

The first pages of the OLYMPIAN were blank and so were the last few pages. I suppose that was all in the plan to have your buddies sign your year book and say something memorable or significant. What deep thoughts would you expect from a teenager's mind in 1958 before color TV?

I forgot until I scanned the 1957 OLYMPIAN that there were no signings on any of the blank pages of the 1957 yearbook. Was I too shy to ask people afraid they would say no? Maybe. I don't remember.

But the Spring of 1958 is when I became a Rat Skat and I suddenly graduated from being a reclusive creep to a social butterfly. Look at these pages, a lot of people known as "popular" signed them. Is that cliquey or what?

Click on each page to read it better.

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