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My Tyson Genealogy - Part 24

As I said in the previous Tyson genealogy post, where I showed the Robert C. Tyson 1860 Census, that Robert is my great-great grandfather and Anna's great-great-great grandfather. Here is more of a detail on his immediate family:

151. ROBERT CABELL8 TYSON (EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 07 Oct 1821 in , Clarke, Ga, and died 06 Apr 1864 in , Cherokee, Ga.. He married SARAH C. MOODY 03 Sep 1843 in , Cherokee, Ga.55, daughter of ALLEN MOODY and NANCY MURPHY. She was born 08 Apr 1815 in , , S. C., and died 23 Feb 1896 in , Cherokee, Ga..

Burial: Tyson Family Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Ga

Notes for SARAH C. MOODY:
Letters from Sarah MOODY TYSON to her brother William MOODY (a blank indicates that the word was not eligible):
Mr. Will Moody,
My dear brother, I talk in hand this sabbath day to write you knowing that you are all well an in good health. I can say to you that I am living with my 3 little boys the girls is married. Sarah she married a clergyman and she has got a nice gentleman looking man she married a stringer. I heard that he is very wealthy but I don't know whether he is a not. Sarah's husband his name is J.R.B. Rhyman. Fannie she married a man by the name of J.E. Kuykindall he is very hansom looking man has got a plenty of everything to go to he hs got ___________ a __________ To do do them fore your an __________ An
________ ti ge us a ____ in don't know _____ washing man I want you an ___ to if in down a cherokee I will have about 3 hundred bushels of patatoes an ______ can down shane shaw got the best potatoes
_______ you ever seen. I would like to see you in yourn with the best in the _______ I want you to writ to me I haven't heard anything from you sense you left. I haven't got mush of importence to writ as me. You git these lines I must come to a ___.
Sarah Tyson to William Moody
========================================================================== ==========

William Moody
My dear brother I seat myself to write you a few lines. Thes lines leaves me in common health hoping thes lines will find you injoying the best of the health. I wrote you a letter some time ago but I got no answer yeat. I wood like to no what the matter and I wood like to no who you are gitting long with your new house or wheather you have commenced it or not. I want to no how Brother I wood like for you to come and spend a week with us.
Sarah Tyson to William Moody
========================================================================== ==========
Brother Billy
I enjoyed my trip up to Dalton the best kind. It is a healthy place up there Foley Tyson is a running on the frait train. He stays at home every in the week but I think that he has got a nice little wife. She keeps all the house clean and nice. Nepolon bot him a place and moved while I was there. I haven't got very much nuse to writ about this time. Tell the girls I want them to come down here Christmas. Francis is a going to have a quiltin. I wood like for you all to be here and I guess we wood have some fun. Tell Alfred to come too and bring his pocket full of jus harpes so he can play them. Write soon so I must clos. I remane your sister.
William Moody from Sarah Tyson
========================================================================== ==========
When I get to come I wood be glad that you all wood come see me. Tell Alfred to come down as soon as he can for I am so feble at tymes I can't get about.
Brother Willilam you wrot to me tht you had went to see them men, yet, I don't think it wood be worth while to go for I am feable I can't ten to it. So I will give it out for I think it is a dull chance any way. I want you all to write to me. Tell Mary not to think hard of me for not writing to her this time. So I must close for this time. I remane your sister.
Sarah Tyson to William Moody
========================================================================== ==========
Woodstock November the 9 1890
Sarah Tyson
My Dear Brother and Sister I this evening seat myself to drop you a few lines in answer to your kind that come soft to hand a few days ago. I was glad to hear from you thes lines leave me in common health hoping those few lines will find you well. I have gort back home and they told me that you had ben down to see me. I was sorry I was not here but I can't help it now. So, you must come agane. I hope that you injoyed yourself as well as if I had ben here. While I was in Dalton I never sa nun of the Moodys. Jack Moody and his mom has went to Chattanooga a keeping a greer bill. Mooda has moved to Calhoun to live. Bedney is living at Rome.
Sarah Tyson to William Moody

More About SARAH C. MOODY:
Burial: Tyson Family Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Ga

Children of ROBERT TYSON and SARAH MOODY are:
278. i. ELIZA FRANCES "FANNIE"9 TYSON, b. 30 Aug 1844; d. 1927, , Cherokee, Ga.
ii. NANCY A. TYSON56, b. 1845, , , Ga; d. Unknown.
iii. MINTOSIA N. TYSON56, b. 1846, , , Ga; d. Unknown.
279. iv. ROBERT HENRY LEE TYSON, b. 29 Jun 1848; d. Unknown, Cave Springs, , Ga.
v. SARAH E. TYSON, b. Abt. 1849; d. Unknown; m. A CHAPMAN; b. Abt. 1849; d. Unknown.
280. vi. OBEDIAH HARGRAVES TYSON, b. 16 Apr 1852, , Cherokee, Ga.; d. 02 Mar 1919, , Cherokee, Ga..
281. vii. ZACHARIAH EUGENE TYSON, b. 19 Sep 1854, , Cherokee Co, Ga; d. 12 Jan 1905, , Cherokee, Ga.
viii. ARCHIBALD NAPOLEON TYSON, b. 18 Apr 1858, , Cherokee, Ga; d. Abt. 1927, Atlanta, Fulton, Ga.; m. MAUDE LIZZY VERBINE, 25 Jan 1882; b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.

A. N. Tyson, Victim Of Accident Buried
Final tribute to A. N. Tyson, 79, of 89 Fourteenth Street, who died Thursday of injuries received when he was struck down by an automobile on West Peachtree, was paid at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the chapel of Blanchard Brothers, Dr. Witherspone Dodge officiated and burial was in the Roseland Cemtetery.
F. N. Sefton, of 1263 Peachtree Street, who was driving the car, said that Mr. Tyson was walking in the middle of the street, and he struck him before the car could be stopped. A case of reckless driving was made against Sefton.

152. DELITHA WINSTON8 TYSON (EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 02 Nov 1826 in , Clarke, Ga, and died Unknown. She married ANDREW PARKS 28 Dec 1843 in , Forsyth, Ga. He was born Abt. 1825, and died Unknown.

282. i. ATLANTA INEZ9 PARKS, b. 16 Jul 1841; d. Unknown.
ii. WILLIAM PARKS, b. Aft. 1842; d. Unknown.

Stolen by Indians when he was todler, never to be seen again.

283. iii. EVALINE PARKS, b. Aft. 1842; d. Unknown.
iv. CARRIE PARKS, b. Aft. 1842; d. Unknown; m. A HOPSON; b. Aft. 1842; d. Unknown.

5 children: 1 girl & 4 boys.

v. HARRY PARKS, b. 1867; d. Unknown.

Notes for HARRY PARKS:
His sister Atlanta Inez said in a letter that he was married with no children.

Medical Information: Juvenial arthritis
Resident: Sulphur City, , La

153. THOMAS STANLEY8 TYSON (EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)57 was born 26 Jan 1830 in , Clarke, Ga, and died 13 Jun 1911 in Cochrell, , Mo. He married HANNA "BELL" POWELL 03 Mar 1869 in , Jackson, Mo. She was born 21 Feb 1828 in Clirbourne, , Tn, and died 15 Aug 1914 in Van Buren Township, Mo.

He taught school in kentucky as a "bed and board' teacher. He traveled from one location to another.

His younger brother Oliv Walton married Luvenia INGRAM, Daughter of Hannah POWELL INGRAM, widow. Two years later he married Hannah. They were married for 42 years.

Obituary, "Lee's Summit Journal":
Rev. Thomas S. Tyson died at his home Tuesday night, June 13, after several months sickness. He was born at Athens, Ga., Feburary 26, 1830, and came to Missouri in 1868. He was of a family of fifteen children, of which three brothers and two sisters survive him. To this union two sons were born, but a number of years Gus was drowned. Marvin, wife and five children, and his aged companion are left to morn his departure. He was ordained a Methodist minister in 1860. Funeral services were conducted by at the Point Pleasant Church at Cockrell Thursday afternnon by Rev. T.D. Payne of Blue Springs, after which the remains were taken to Lee's Summit and lain to rest in the family lot which was prepared by Mr. Tyson several years ago by the erection of a family monument.
- Information from Wallace Stanely Tyson of Franklin, Tn

(This is written on blue lined tablet and burned and scorched on the left
side, partly torn and very brittle.)

Lone Jack Mo. Feb 10# 1872
Mr. J. G. Tyson
Dear Bro.
(I) received the $75. dollars (missing) day (possibly yesterday) much
obliged. Send the next by check on New York. and Send as soon as convenient.
We are all well at present and I hope you all are in the enjoyment of the
same blessing.
I will have the money that you sent me invested in to other mens pocketts
pretty soon. Give my love to your family
May God bless you all
Your bro until death
Thomas S. Tyson

- Transcribed by Judith Tyson Raymond.

Burial: Lee's Summit Cemetery, Jackson Co, Mo
Education: Jan 1854, entered Emory University near Atlanta
Military service: also served with the 5th Regement as Chaplin
Occupation: School teacher in Kentucky, Methodist Minister

Children of THOMAS TYSON and HANNA POWELL are:
i. GUSTAVIS PIERCE9 TYSON, b. 13 Mar 1870, Cockrell, Jackson, Mo; d. 27 Jan 1894, Sac Fox Indian Reservation, ,Ok; m. JULIAN FAWN; b. Abt. 1870; d. 27 Jan 1894, Sac Fox Indian Reservation, Ok.

As a child, Gus had an illness that left him partially paralyzed. In later life, Gus and his wife were teachers at the Sac Fox Indian Agency in Ok. In 1894, while traveling in a buggy across a wash, they were caught by a flash flood and drowned. There were buried in Ok. No children.
- Wallace Stanley TYSON.

Occupation: School teacher

Notes for JULIAN FAWN:
Drowned in a flash flood with husband Gustavis.

Occupation: School teacher

284. ii. MARVIN STANLEY TYSON, b. 26 Jan 1872, Cockrell, Jackson, Mo; d. 1970.

154. MARY ANN EVENIA8 TYSON (EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 01 Apr 1832, and died Unknown. She married MARK J. HUEY 12 Apr 1857 in , Cherokee, Ga58, son of JAMES HUEY and DRUSCILLA. He was born Abt. 1830, and died Unknown.

Hendricks Ala
8/25/95, 5/28/96 & 6/18/96
8/25/95 on folded lined paper with homemade water mark etched "Waverly"
Dear Brother,
I received your very kind and highly appreciated letter sometime ago. This leaves us all well at presant and hope you all are the same I received a letter from Brother T. S. the other day he will be here in next month Brother O.V. is coming with him cant you come out here then so we all can be together again how glad I would be if you will come also recevied
Page 2
A letter from Brother Freely they are all as common Ida is married lives three miles from me Freely lives about three quarters of a miles from me he has five children living and three dead Do you ever here from sister D. W. Parks
Come and see for your self about the land Mr. Huey is farming the land is jest common I close hoping to hear from you soon give my love to all the children and a double portion for your self May God bless you all. Your sister, Mary Huey

Hendricks Ala
May 28, 96
Mr. John Tyson,
Dear Brother
I received your letter some time ago was glad to hear from you one more this leaves us all well except me I am not very well my self hope this will fine you all enjoing good health I haven't heard from Bro T.S. or Bor OV in some time cant you come to see us this summer it ant so far but is hot I think you can come we would be so glad to see you
Page 2
We have been looking for you to send Mr Huey that meadison Also send directions how to take it for headache as I have the headache very bad some time come and maby you can find you meadison out here do you evey hear from Bro. Free I havent heard from him in a long time. I will close looking to hear from you soon
Your loving sister
Mary Huey.
Hendricks Ala.

Hendricks Ala
June 1896.
Mr. J G Tyson
Dear Brother
I received your very kind and highly appreciated letter a few days a go. Was glad to hear from you all this leaves us very well hope you all are the same Alice hada letter from Brother O.V. Pearl ther was all well she said that every thing look gloommy up there that the army worm was eating the corn and grass I received meadison all right Many thanks for it
Page 2
I havent got the spirit yet as it is hard to get around here. You didn't say what it is worth tell me in your next letter so I can send the money to you. Freely and family are all well Ida and family are also well as common Mr. Huey says for you to come to see us this summer we all would be so glad to see you. I close Hoping to hear from you son
Your loving sister
Mary Huey

Acworth, Ga. Feb th 2nd /76

Written on 5"x9" lined tablet in beautiful ink pen.

Dear Cousin I take pleasur in writing to you this morning. Mother received your letter last night and was glad to hear that you was well but sorry to hear of your trouble, We are all well at present, and I hope that this may reach you the same, there is not So much sickness here as has been, but there is no young folk here now, they have all married but me, John Nichols and Maria Lemon is going to marry to night. Mother said to tell you that she had no idea that she could five dollars if she was to be hung, she says that she will try and get you some and if she fails, you must not think hard of her for she did think that she would hve paid you before this time, but Uncle Jacen??? G(?l)ansell has cheated her out of about two hundred dollars, in the brick yard, but if want to push she cant help it for God knows that she has tried as hard as any body to get out of debt but every thing works against her. The buggy is here as good as ev'er, if not better. Elie said he would try to get some money as soon as he could. I have no more new to tell you at present
Write soon
(Fancy letter??) remain yours Respectfully
Mary H
Letter escaped the Cureton house fire in Anniston, but has burned edges.

Mr John Tyson
Dear Brother and family after sone delay I will write you a
few lines thisleves us in common health and hope it will fine you all the same
Did you think that our brother look like they did when we was all together
I did hate to see them leve so bad they gest stayed three days with us. Mr.
Huey says if you will send him some of your medison for Rhumatism he will pay
Page 2
as he has it-Ida and Mr. Hood are will Freely and family are all well
Alice is still with me. Write soon and dont wait for me

May God bless you all
Your sister M. A. Huey

Address) Clarence
- Transcribed by Judith Tyson Raymond

Moved: Aft. 1857, moved to Hendricks, Ala

More About MARK J. HUEY:
Moved: Aft. 1857, Moved to Hendricks, Ala

Child of MARY TYSON and MARK HUEY is:
i. IDA9 HUEY59, b. Abt. 1850; d. Unknown; m. A HOOD; b. Abt. 1850; d. Unknown.

155. JOHN GERDINE8 TYSON (EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 03 Nov 1833, and died 18 Apr 1909 in Anniston, , Al. He married (1) ANN FOWLER. She was born Abt. 1833, and died Unknown. He married (2) SARAH CLEMENTINE SITTON. She was born 13 Apr 1846, and died 13 Mar 1919.

His first wife died at childbirth.

The family lived together many years. Census has John G & Sarah in Cleburn
Co 1870. Haven't run other records yet. Most of the sons were unmarried
except Ben, Erwin and James. They lived in Cross Plains about 1895 and on
into Anniston by 1899 or so. Lived at several addresses.

When Mamie was married they moved into a larger house and her letters tell of
the nice room they have with her flowers and about "mother's good cook".
Father took Pearl with him for many years before she came home. Pearl was
abandoned with Margarete and Alma got them home (which at this time was in
Birmingham). They were all still living together. My father Talmage was not
happy with step mom. Pearl brought him to live with them.

Over the years Talmage lived with George and Jesse in a tent for awhile.
George helped Talmage build our first house. He and Jesse lived with
Margarete till they died. When she married Robert S. Wessinger (blind from
14 years old) they moved back to Anniston where Bob had lived..the son of a
local Methodist pastor.

They all preserved many items, especially ones from my father's mother Josie.
My brother and I have many items she made or beautiful statues and vases
that were hers. Even despite the fires that burned many items.

-Judith Tyson Raymond

John Gerardine Tyson
Civil War Information

This information was taken from notes April 3, 1916. The following was
rewritten several times. It was probably copied from other notes by Mary
Pearl Tyson Cureton Euler who had a beautiful hand writting and did artistic
work in Birminaham at a jewelers. This is probably a copy of a form that was

as writtenn on lined tablet paper

For Widows of Confederate Soldiers

to the United daughters of the confederacy
The undersign Risiding at Posderly Ala. RFD No 1 Box 148 who is the widow of
John Gerdine Tyson a condederate soldier, hereby Presents this certificate of
elgibility for my husband for a Southern Cross of honor
the service of the confederate states on the _________Day of____Oct___1861___
worked for Russel Bros in shop for about 6 months then made buckles 2" Rings
for Harneses and __________in company______________of the ____made wire. Was
foreman of shops from 62 Dec 63. then worked for George Russel-Merrit Burris
of John White as forman of shop. I made Buckles Reginent of Rings tryangles
and wire & looked after foundary and Milhouse

Volunteers Looked after making Buttons. Run EnJin and Griss Mill CSA made
copper wire for Blowing up gun Boats on Missippy River and was at that time a
Resident of Dalton Ga. loaded machinery while armary was at Ressacca (He
was killed in the Battle of is marked thru part of the form) Shiped to
Augusta Ga then to Macon Ga. Would not let him go to war on account of
throat trouble. Form: Honorably died from exposure or wad dischanged from
service by________________on the___________day of_______186__at which time he
held the Rank of________

I lived in the South all during the war, and being a loyal confederate (word)
suffured all suffered.

in Securing this cross of honor, I soleminly affirm I shall abide by the
Rules and governing Regulations the bestowal of the cross and shal under no
circumstances either wair or alow it to be worn

Respectfully Serrah Clementine Tyson (Sarah Clementine Sitton
We endorse the above certificate of Eligibility ______________
Member Co____regt_vols CSA
" " "

Answer to question five is written twice more. I will type with second copy
in ( ).

John G (Gerdine) Tyson commenced working for Russel Brothers at (in) Dalton
Ga in Oct 1861
Making Buckles tryangles (Rings) Rings (tryangles) casting cooking utensels
and other different other work necest (marked thru) other kind of work, in
first Part of 1862 he was made foreman (of the shop) he had charge of the
he made copper wire to mine the Missippie River. he run the engin and mill
at night grinding corn for the armey. he had charge of making Buttons.
(they made Buttons. Repaired canteens he run the Griss mill apart of the
time at night.) Repairing canteens.. he loaded masheany (machinary) and
shiped to Augusta then to Macon (Ga) while the Armey (armary) was at
Ressacca he staid in Macon till close war. (he worked in shop tell
close of war.)

Transcribed by Judy Tyson Raymond
The copies are in my possession

Notes for ANN FOWLER:
The FOWLERS lived a few houses away from the Old Home Place in Cherokee Co., Ga.
- Judith Tyson Raymond.

Burial: Edgemont Cem, Anniston, , Al
Medical Information: She had crippling arthritis.

Child of JOHN TYSON and ANN FOWLER is:
285. i. ERWIN NEWPORT9 TYSON, b. 09 Oct 1859; d. 29 Jun 1939.

Children of JOHN TYSON and SARAH SITTON are:
ii. JAMES "JIMMY" EUGENE9 TYSON, b. Aft. 1861; d. Unknown; m. STELLA MCKAIN; b. Aft. 1861; d. Unknown.

Occupation: Floorwalker at Stokes (now Richs) in Atlanta

iii. JACKSON "JACK" OLEN TYSON, b. 07 Jul 1866; d. 13 Apr 1925.

Bowie Texas
Feb 13th 1902
Mr. J O Tyson
Anniston Ala
Dear Cousin Jack.
You perhaps have forgotten me. But I remember you though we were very Small when I Saw you. If I am not mistaken your Fathers family lived in Dalton Ga once while we lived in murray Co I remember stoping a Uncle John,s once or twice I am the youngest child of W T Tyson. Father and mother have been dead 9 years
Page 2
I came to Tex 9 years ago I hve one Brother in Tx Rev J. F. Tyson at Throckmorton Tex. And Brother W E at Olustie O T Fletcher lives in Ala. Some where I don't know his address I wish you would write me his address If you know it. Well Cousin Jack. I Just received a letter from uncle Tom and Cousin Maroin they sent me a copy of your letter I am glad you are working on this Estate I am also working on it We had a meeting at my house on the first of this month
Page 3
And they appointed me manager for the Immediate relation in Tex. I have some very important Facts bearing on this case I have lerned of one Sam Tyson in Williamsen Co Tex that was acquainted with Uncle John J Tyson before he went to Australia he claimes that John J told him that he was going to Australia Says he knew where he left here and that he herd from him after he got to Australia, I have written to of our unclesand aunts (living) am expecting their answers daily
Page 4
According to all information I have received there was two of theas with million heirs in Astralia one James and one John Tyson the USC wrote us that the James Tyson Estate called for one Delitha Winston Tyson Said If we were related to her we had a part in this Estate of course you know she was our grand aunt. So you see we have a part in that estate now this John Tyson Estate is ours beyound any doubt but it semes we are getting after it mighty slow. The Ft worth Mail Telegramme (announced) (his parenthesis
Page 5
A few days ago that Senator Culberton Telegraphed them that he had made Satisfactory arraingments in regards the Tyson Estte there is a Tyson in Ft worth that seems to be trying to get the Estate all to him sefl. Thos U- is his name. He is a big windg I have tried to see him but failed. We must push this through or we loose. So please Suggest some plan of action. How about Hoke Smith have you evr heard from him any wey Aunt Winston wrote me that Hoke Smith was Inquiring for one Delitha Winston Tyson I cant find out what Smith is doing he seems to be working on or for the estate. I am going to Ftworth in a fiew days and start an Investigation of this business. Marvin(?)paper creased sent me a Cliping from a Philadelpha Paper stating that his Estate was unclaimed Said the adminestrator in Australia had advertised evrywhere and had failed to find the Heirs Said they were supposed to be in The US. Well Jack be shurre to give my love to uncle and Aunt if they still live and to all the family tell me of your fammily
Page 7
Are you married how many children have you. How many Brothers & Sisters hve you I will give you Some address=es Aunt Winston D Parkes is 706 Walnut St Vicksberg Miss Aunt C F Clifford 1265. E 47th St Losangles Cala. Of corse you know where the Balance of the uncles and aunts live now Cousin Jack please let me hear from you at once and Suggest some plan of action as it is high time we were doing Something your
Loving Cousin
W G Tyson
Bowie Tex

5l04 Pulaski Ave.
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.
May 8th, 1902
Mr. J. O. Tyson,
E. 24th &Wilmer Sts.,
Anniston, Ala.

Dear Sir:
Your letter of March 30th, addressed to me in Arkansas, asking for information in regard to Tyson, as been received. Youwill hve to give me fuler databefore I can give you any information, as you letter is not at all clear. It is true tht my mother was a Miss Tyson, but if you refer in any way to the Australian for tuen that has been exployted in the papers, I fear you are doomed to disappointment.
Yours very truly, R.S. Perry.
T. J. A.
German American
Insurance Company
New York
(small 4x6 note with the above in red)
Looking for Heirs for 1.500,000 Baltimore July 5 Attorney JamesJ. Lindsay. Of Townsend Md is in receipt of a letter dated June 3 from James P Bray United States counsel at Melborne. Australia. Mr. Bray says that a James Tyson whose Parrents emigrated to Australia from Cumberland England recently died in Melbourne. Leaving an estate. Value at l.500.000. The property is in New South Wales and Queensland. Mr. Lindsay Says he has learned that Mr. Tyson has near relatives living in Baltimore and Cecil counties. And as the milionair died intestate they are entitled to a share in his estate if they can prove their relationship in legal form.
Tyson John. Jollie (wanted)

Sept. & Dec. 1902
Queensland Trustees Limited,
4l, Queen Street, Brisbane
10 Sep 1902
David Kerr Esq
Kent Street
Maryboro, Queensland.
Dear Sir,
Estate James Tyson deed
In reply to your letter of 8th inst, desiring the name of the late Hon James Tysons father and the part of England in which he lived before coming to Australia-The deceased was the son of William and Isabella Tyson who were married at New-Castle-on Tyne in 1806 and emigrated to New South Wales in or about the year 1809.
Yours faithfully.
For Queensland Turstees Limited.
(written in his hand and signed)
?D A B Wudell?

Brule Okla.,
Dec. 13, 1902
Dear Jack I will now try to ans your letter I could explain why I hve not written but it would take some little time and would do no good to my promise
Well Jack I hope you are not married yet as I was afraid that little flirtation would turn out but I hope there will bemore in it than that 45 thousand of coarse that would be quite a temtation for some.
Page 2
Got a letter from home to day all were well but Mack.
I have been to some parties and they surprised us last Thursday night but they furnished the refreshments, pie cake, sandwiches and pickle
Well I guess you think we would not have much fun by not being so we could intertain like we could back home but it don't bother much although we miss our pine floors and musical instruments, everybody seemed to injoy them selves. We are have some winter now there is
Page 3
About three inches of snow and still snowing.
I have hearded some since I have been here Iwould take my dinner and a book and stay all day but some days the cattle would give me something else to do but read I wrote home about one of my heard rides I thought they would think I was having a big time but the next time pa wrote he said I was to heard no more. I was having some good times I could quit when I wanted to but pa though (t) riding in a run for two or three miles up hill and down hill cross the river and back the same way after an old cow with the dogs tiede on to her heals was to much for me it would have been in Mo. I have not hearded since he wrote to amount to any thing.
I have been going to Sunday School I have a class of little folks. I injoy it. They are getting up money to build a church at Brule. Stopped here to churn and maby you would like to know how I churn down here well I don't get enough cream to churn in a churn and I use a gallon molases bucket and shake it and it works al right too.
Page 5
Well how is our Australian fortune coming? I haven't heard for some tim any thing about it. I am getting ansious ar'n't you?
These are not fine pictures but it looks something like both of us this is the bro. Younger than I. I should like yours before long
Well I will close by asking you to write soon. Don't wait as long as I did. I hope you will not think it was indifference on my part. Pearla

286. iv. MARY POYTRESS "MAMIE" TYSON, b. Aft. 1866; d. Abt. 1895.
v. JENNIE TYSON, b. Aft. 1866; d. Unknown.

Cause of Death: Stillborn

vi. GEORGE FRANKLIN TYSON, b. 07 Sep 1876; d. 05 Nov 1948, Dalton, Whitfield, Ga.
287. vii. BENJAMIN EDWARD TYSON, b. 18 Mar 1877, Dalton, Whitfield, Ga; d. 15 Dec 1956, Birmingham, , Al.
viii. JESSE BOYD TYSON, b. 03 Dec 1884; d. 20 Dec 1959, Anniston, , Al.

He never married.

Dear Sir: Replying to your ad of recent date concerning Jobe Tyson who died in Sparta, Ga. in 1803-the Inventory of his estate is on file in Hancock Co, but his will is not be found in office of Ordinary. I presume you want to get the ancestry of this Job Tyson, and perhaps I can help you if you have some additional data concerning him. I am trying to connect another family of Tysons with the (two words) in N.C. and would like to compare notes with you. My phone no. is Ivy 2642J-and I am
Your Very Truly
Miss Helen M. Prescott
26 Carniegie Place
Atlanta Ga

%Hyde Park Gro. Co.
Birmingham, Ala.
Jan. 3, 1922
Mrs. Wm Turner,
40 N Jefferson St.,
New Castle, Pa.
Dear Madam:
In reply to yours of the 28 ult. I would be glad to exchang information with you in regard to the Tyson Estate.
You will please quote me the names of your fore-fathers as far back as possible, so that I might grow more familiar with them, as well as yourself.
You will please tell me what you can about both Tyson estates, as I have corresponded with one which was the John James Tyson Estate.
Please state how you learned of my connection withthis matter.
Your Res.
Jessie B. Tyson
(Uncle Jessie seemed to always make a copy first on all kinds of scraps of paper. This is on back of Wilmington, Del. Attorney to Cooper & Shaw Att. At Law, Fairmont, W. Va. Figure that out.)

New Castle Pa.
Jan 9, 22
Mr. Jesse B. Tyson:
Dear Sir;
In reply to your letter of January third will give you such information as you desire.
Aaron K. Tyson of Enon Valley Pa. Who died May 20th 1920 was my great Uncle. Before his death he called us and gave an old family bible which we tried to get for many years before. He then told us of his father who was Joseph Tyson who was a brother of James Tyson of Austrailia who also had relatives in the South. We did not learn the names of the other brothers of Joseph and James.

I learned of your connection of this affair through the Americanand Austrailian government. I am enclosing a copy of a New Castle paper which you can read. This clipping is of Jan fifth nineteen twenty two. By this you can see things he has done. Which we have for years known through him sending word back to the States to Aaron Tyson with a sailor. He told this man to tell my Uncle Aaron to communicate with him as he had accumalated great wealth.
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If you will tell me if you know of Joseph or Aaron Tyson or who your ancestors were I will try and tell you more about the Tyson whom I know. We had a relative in the south killed by one of his slaves. A great many years ago. Will you kindly return this clipping and I will copy some names from this family bible.
Your Truly Mrs. Wm Turner
40 N. Jefferson St.
New Castle Pa

Occupation: Carpenter

288. ix. ALMA TYSON, b. 23 Jun 1888; d. 01 Nov 1971, Ashland, , Ky.



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