Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Invisible Woman Goes to the Doctor

My sister told me on the phone she went to the doctor yesterday and very probable got overlooked by the staff.

First they called her first name and when she stood up they said they meant someone else with a different last name and didn’t have the same first name as she did at all.

Then she saw people in the waiting room come in after she was there and called back before they called her. After 30 minutes she asked the lady behind the counter, telling her people have been coming in and being called back. The lady told her there were four doctors there and there different doctors for different patients, yada yada yada. She assured my sister everything was running smoothly with no mix-ups.

Then shortly after that the lady told her she was next.

And she was next. As she was walked back to an examination room the nurse said something to the effect “due to a mix-up she was left behind.” When the doctor came in he said something similar about being lost in the shuffle.

I welcomed her to the club of invisible people. I think being transparent and to-be-ignored is in our genes – something we have to live with.

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