Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Want You to help with the economy (my economy)

The paper yesterday mentioned a pet camp for youths. For only $250 your child can learn how to care for animals such as dogs and horses. I interpret that they pay to clean out stables and change the paper in dog cages.

That is a better deal for an owner than hiring interns for $0.00 salary. With solutions like this the economy will be back on its feet in no time.

I am thinking of doing my patriotic duty and opening up some camps here.

Maybe a Learn-To-Cut-Grass Camp for only $200; Learn-To-Wash-Dishes Camp for only $150 (bring your own detergent); a Painting-House-trim Camp also for $200; and Minor-House-Repair-&Maintenance for only $300.

And of course with the income I will receive I will be happy to do my duty as spend it so it can dibble back into the economy to help generate more jobs.

Be a good American and send your money and application in now!

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