Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today is Confederate Memorial Day

Today is Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. The date is not universal. Each state has its own date to recognize the CSA… some in May, one in January, one in June and strange as it may sound, some northern states do not recognize it all.

The year before last we were at the annual Taste of Marietta when the Confederate Memorial Day parade marched down the Marietta Loop on its way to the Confederate Cemetery. I think there were about four or five things in the parade, like maybe a horse pulling a wagon, a couple of marching units, and I forgot what else – but it wasn’t very much. Beside Anna and I on the sidewalk watching it, only a handful of people showed up to view the parade. We had just left The Taste of Marietta, which was so crowded you could hardly walk.

Above is a picture of a Confederate Memorial Day parade near the turn of the century when some CSA soldiers were still alive. It was taken more seriously then.

There are more northern transplants and second and third generation northern transplants in Cobb County than there are natives. That may explain the small turnout. … either that, or overall the people don’t have the same opinion about issues such as state rights and slavery as they once did.

The moral of this is that good eating is more popular than the old Dixie cause.

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Blogger Deborah Wilson said...

I dunno Eddie, I was there last year, it was a pretty good turnout for a city the size of Marietta. I think many people are becoming more concerned about state's right's - but that is something that our generation will have to learn/experience in our own life time.

We may see many more parades and events cancelled if the flu keeps spreading - people get paranoid.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I am already paranoid about crowds. I don't like to be in a crowd - and even more so if everybody knows everybody and you find yourself trying to keep up with about a half dozen conversations at once.... AARRGGGGG!!!!

9:30 AM  

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