Friday, January 05, 2007

William & Emaline

My great grandparents William A. & Emaline Ray Hunter. The picture was taken before 1925 because that is when Emaline died.

My father remembered she made delicious cakes. Once she observed him pigging out on one of her cakes and told him to not to eat the cake slowly, it will last longer. That is still worthy advice.

Daddy also said he remember she had a German or Deutsch accent. I found that she was at least 3 generation American on her father's side (Ray) and 5 generation American on her mother's side (Sumner).

Did Daddy mistaken the Macon County, North Carolina, accent for the German or Deutsch accent? I don't think so. I think she made have had a speech impediment.

William, as I have mentioned before, fought in the Civil War, and here in Marietta at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain was shot in the knee. After the war he was charged with murder, fled, and after about 14 years he and his family settled in this area. He changed his and his family's surname.

It was Trammell and he changed it to Hunter, which it should have been all along, his real father was Jason Henderson Hunter and his mother was Rebecca Trammell.

In 1928 he fell out of his barn and broke his leg. The accident started a chain of medical things going wrong - he never recovered.

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