Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This Is It! a Harvey Kurtzman book.

It is a big coffee table type of book. Thick pages and heavy. I haven't had a chance to submerge myself into it yet, but it looks very promising

There are interviews, big samplings of Harvey Kurtzman's art, writings, and editorship. When I start picking at it I might find some things I want to share.

Harvey was a comic book editor for EC Comic Books - he produced two great anti-war comic book series, and then MAD comic book and eased it into being a magazine after 23 issues. He also wrote the script for Annie Fanny in PLAYBOY.

By the way, the cover art of the book (above) and the art for the previous posting that the little fellow is opening and envelope was done by one of the original MAD artists Jack Davis.

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