Friday, January 26, 2007

Art Is To Be Shown

Back up a couple of days and see me waiting in the waiting room of the dealership that is working on my truck. I am going to get a little more mileage out of that day.

I had a two hour wait. Luckily, I had a good book to read. On the TV a sports channel blasting. The TV was mounted high on the wall. The sports channel had countless interviews, quick short sports shots, I think in reference to whatever they were talking about and on and on. At one point I was the only person in the room and thought I would try to reach up and change the channel. I reached up, yep, I could barely reach the channel up and down buttons – which was some kind of receiver box… then, I realized what kind of receiver box it was… some sort of satellite net work. So, instead of surfing into unknown areas for me, I let well enough be.

In walked a young slim woman that couldn’t have been over 25, but I bet she was more like 18 or 19. She had a baby face - 13 year old face. She was on her cell phone. I overheard her say “And we painted the whole apartment in wild colors and the manager had a fit, he told us we had to get written permission to paint anything - before.” She laughed at whatever the person on the other end said. Then, it was just boring chit chat. Or, for all I know, she might have been talking to herself to a dead phone to avoid the only other person in the room.

She had on some kind of tight-ass black jeans and a short shirt that exposed her midriff. Gads! It was cold and windy outside. She didn’t even have a coat.

She sat down across from me and continued her conversation on the phone. I noticed her feet. She had on sandals that exposed the top of her feet. On each foot was a tattoo. From where I was sitting each tattoo looked identical: It looked like a picture you would relate to the Chinese because it had a big orange ball that was the sun overlooking a dock (I think).. the dock had lines, maybe bamboo… and there were more details I couldn’t quiet make sense of from where I sitting.

I wonder if I had asked her would she remove a sandal so I could study the art more? Surely she wouldn’t mind. She probably paid big bucks for those tattoos, which was a work or art. A tattoo ARTIST? And, art is meant to be looked at, right? If you pay big bucks for a piece of art for your home or office you are not going to drape it with a sheet or anything so people can’t see it. You paid money for people to look at this and marvel. So, why would she mind showing off her art by removing her sandal?

Her feet might just be the tip of the iceberg (turned over). Maybe there was more art to be shown. If she didn’t mind removing her sandals she might want to show off her really prized art work – if she started to unbutton her shirt to show me her tattoo of a battleship across her chess…. I would probably leap across to the TV satellite receiver in one leap and quickly start trying to find else what else is on TV… all you need sometimes is a jump start.

But of course, I didn’t have that problem. As I said many times I am invisible to most people most the time (unless they want something). Why would anyone show off artsy tattoos to an empty room?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She may have been thrilled to show you her tatoos. Sounds like a free spirit....

or maybe just a loud mouth asshole.

2:17 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Loud asshole? For more on this subject, please refer to the next blog entry.

2:37 PM  

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