Thursday, January 25, 2007

Seriously Folks - the Local News...

This is just a few random rambling thoughts. If you are looking for on-line coupons you won't find them here, but I suggest you run a search on “coupons”. Huh? You did and that is why you are here?
Yesterday, in Carroll County, Georgia, a Waffle House manager was arrested for planting little spy video cameras in the women’s restroom of the restaurant he was the manager of. Not only that, but he planted them into all the neighboring restaurants. The little cameras transmitted what they recorded into his hard drive at home. The man’s ex-wife was at his apartment doing something on his computer came across the pictures and notified the police. I think some of the shots would probably be something that could be played on America’s Funniest Videos. I wonder how he managed to get the little cameras into the ladies rooms of neighboring restaurants? Dress like a woman?
A police spokesman said that when they look at the video’s he really will be in big trouble if there are any children on it. I thought it was funny the way the policeman worded it, it reminded me of what we said in the 3rd grade – “really big trouble”.
And what kind of policeman will view the videos? Will there be more than one to volunteer for the job?
And I think it would be funny, after it is all over with, the ex-Waffle House manage pays his debt to society and gets back into the mainstream of professional managerism. Then one day his ex-wife is using the john in the privacy of her own bathroom and she does not notice the tiny little lens hidden by an air vent looking at her.

Here in Cobb County an alternate grand juror has been charged with murder. The Cobb County District Attorney said it shouldn’t interfere with the man being an alternate Grand Juror. Wait! Being an alternate means if enough jurors don’t show up to get the required forum amount someone is drawn from the alternate list. I have been a grand juror before and the main thing we did were hear the D.A. present possible crimes that was committed and why a certain person is a suspect and we as jurors would vote “no bill” or “yes (bill)” for an indictment. We also had plenty of coffee and donuts. And, I remember one morning we met at the County Prison Farm and had a big breakfast made by the inmates and we toured the compound and made recommendations.
What if this accused murderer is pulled from the alternate pool and gets to sit in? Will he be in a orange suit with chains? That means his chain will rattle when he lift his hands and arms to eat a donut or drink from the cup. And, if they meet at the County Prison for a tour and breakfast will he say, “I’ll meet you there!” And I'm sure he will have plenty of recommendations to make the county prison a more fun place to be.

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Blogger kenju said...

Two almost unbelieveable stories, Eddie. I can't imagine that the alternate juror will be allowed to serve.....LOL

8:48 AM  
Blogger ET said...

It was in the paper this morning, saying it wouldn't interfere.

9:59 AM  

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