Sunday, May 15, 2011

Woodstock Concert, Woodstock, Georgia, that is.

Saturday night we went to a concert in Woodstock. Woodstock, Georgia, that is.

Woodstock is only a few miles north of Marietta, but in a different county. Marietta is in Cobb County and Woodstock is in Cherokee County. It is a peaceful little town that is just now getting a taste of the good life. You don’t have to work from sunrise to sundown to survive.

My great grandfather William A. Hunter moved with his wife and children to the area is 1870 and eventually moved to downtown Mainstreet Woodstock about 1903 and died there in 1929,

The little merchandise stores on Main Street have been changed into stores for antiques, bikes, a museum and visitor center, and a few eateries, included a fancy eccentric tea room.

Before we went to the concert we had sandwiches at Cotton Mill Warehouse Deli, which I think was some kind of warehouse years ago. It was a deli with upscale sandwiches. I finally figured out the spine of the employee staff was a mama, two of her teenage kids or early 20s kids and two other teenagers that probably were probably related too.

The sandwiches were good. I had a spicy chicken-wing like chicken with other spices, it had a catchy name - it was nose-running good, like I like hot spicy food.

One of the workers caught my eye. She wore short shorts, but she was also hyper. Not hyper being busy but hyper dancing and walking a strut to a tune that only she could here. She was less than 5 ft tall. Something about her reminded me of Betty Boop.

Make a mental note, she will return to this article shortly.

We went to the new concert grounds. They have a big stage for musicians now and also a big lawn to open up your lawn chairs in front of the stage.

Edwin McCain was to play, who I think is well known in the present music world. My mind is still locked in the 60s.

We found a good location and made our nest. I walked around and took some pictures. Anna said there is Joe Jenkings. He saw us and waved. He was the reason we were there. On Facebook he reminded me tonight was the concert. At first we said no, we just wanted to stay home for a change then Anna listened to some Edwin McCain music and wanted to see him.

Where Joe was standing he took a picture of the crowd. That looked like a good place, so I went over and took one too (below).

The mayor came onto the stage and welcomed everybody and said next year they would have a new outside concert theater – amphitheater? Concerts must bring in the dough. Other local governments are cutting back by furloughing or laying off employees and also cutting services and they are adding a big service. Good for them.

There were all kinds of tents and booths selling foods and promoting things. They even had a Chick-Fi-A booth.

There was a warm up band. I think they played for over an hour. They played and they played. I wondered if Ed McCain got stage fright or something.
An evening breeze made everything very cool. I left to go to the car to get our jackets. As I walked out I noticed a huge line to the port-a-johns. I didn’t even think about peeing until I saw that line, then I thought I would burst.
I walked on to the car to get our jackets. On the way back I walked by the Cotton Mill Deli. They had very clean restrooms. I went in and the head backbone saw me and told one of the teenage girls to man the cash register, which she started on her way and I halted her and told her we ate there earlier and now I had to use the bathroom, I said the line a the concert field is a mile long. Certainly, she said.

I noticed the little Betty Boop girl with short shorts was putting on a big motorcycle helmet, almsot as big as her. I would never guess she would be the type to commute on a motorcycle.

I walked down the walk to the concert field wearing a jacket and carrying Anna’s jacket and coming towards me was an elderly couple. The old man said, “Did you think I 3:00 O’clock today you would be going back to your car now to get jackets?” It was warm today.

We were surrounded by groups of people, each group had had their own theme going and it was interesting to observe and speculate each other's relationship with each other as they chatted among themselves. A band, appaently, gigless on Saturday night, were sitting to our left.

Another interesting point, the music was loud. The concert field is next door to a nursing home. I think of sick elderly people going to sleep early. I bet that changed their routine a bit.

Ed McCain played very good. The only problem is that by the time he started it was getting cool and plenty of people packed up their chairs and left while he was playing. He should have been his own warm up act.

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