Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Up Yours, Phil!

The above is the new Cobb County Courthouse behind the county buildings on East Park Square. It doesn’t look very tall in this picture but it is.

To give you a better perspective of the height of the new Cobb County Courthouse the below is a side view.

This picture was taken from the Red Cross parking lot that used to be Waterman Street Grammar School

The foreground in the picture was the Clay Homes. The Clay Homes was a housing project for low income families. The Clay Homes was bulldozed away to make way for Meeting Park, an upscale plan to draw businesses to downtown. So far there haven’t been many takers.

I forgot how many stories the new courthouse has. What is so ironic the largest property owner family (collectively) of downtown Marietta wants rights to build a ten story building.

The family member most vocal, has whined and maneuvered for years to sidestep the city ordinances of builidings maximum height to get to build a highrise and the County just up and did it.



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