Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Day in History, May 12th

1908 Wireless Radio Broadcasting was patented by Nathan B Stubblefield. Wireless Radio Broadcasting has come a long way. Now you get to listen in on crank calls as a third party.

1932 Goofy, aka Dippy Dawg, 1st appears in 'Mickey's Revue' by Walt Disney. Did you know Goofy started off in show business as Dippy Dawg? I didn’t. Deputy Dawg should sue.

1942 Nazi U-boat sinks American cargo ship at mouth of Mississippi River. I didn’t know that either. That was just about the time the American people would have been getting over the shock of the Pearl Harbor invasion seven months earlier. That must have been a terrible feeling at the time, like we experienced on 9/11.



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