Thursday, May 26, 2011

The South: Sitting in the Shade & Bullshitting

Tuesday evening the Good Old Boys and Girl (aka GOBAG) met in the shade behind the American Legion. Our cook and organizer, Monty Calhoun, cooked a pizza on a portable wood burning oven. Monty used as toppings jalapenos, ground sausage or beef, bits of onions, and cheese. MAN!!! It was the best tasting pizza since my first one. I’m surprised some of the big pizza delivery companies have not taken that recipe and ran with it.

Speaking of Monty he reminded us how lucky we are: We were in the shade; we were enjoying the constant breeze coming up a small hill; and we had a great view of Kennesaw Mountain. What more could one want?

Sandy said she had two or three gigs a week at different towns in the North Georgia Mountains teaching dancing. I reminded her that I was her first student, she taught me how to twist. Shouldn't I get somekind of inspirational fee or something?

We talked a lot about nothing. Here, just click below and watch the video:


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