Friday, May 20, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! Part 58

Stephen Petty (1812- ? ).
Stephen killed his brother-in-law, William High.
Petty Papers, Katherine Reynolds, Vol 1, pg 114

Stephen's siser was Mildred Petty (1808- ? ). Mildred married William High.

Mildred was a highly refined Christian woman. The family did not approve of her marriage, evidently he was not ready to settle down, family had to help financially. Because of bad feelings (her brother killed her husband) she never associated with the Petty's and she did not claim her share of her father's estate.
-Petty Papers, Irene Petty Watt using information from letter from Mrs. Gladys Linton of Princeton, Ky.

William died during the Civil War. He was killed by his wife's brother, Stephen Petty.
Petty Papers, Katherine Reynolds, Vol 1, pg 114


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