Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Traveling Fare and the Root House

Tuesday a week ago we ate at Traveling Fare. Today in the Marietta Daily Journal was announced that they are getting out of the lunch trade and use all their time and space for making pot pies.

Paul Lubertazzi said several years ago he would serve about 40 customers a day. Now, only about 16 customers a day come in.

I mention in the below blog, which I never got around to publish, that he when we were there he knew everybody by name when they came in. Now, I can see why. People don’t know what they are missing.

Below is the post I wrote about the eatery last week.
The other day Anna and I had lunch downtown Marietta at Travelling Fare. We had what they are known for, Paul’s pies. I had a roast beef pie and Anna had a seafood chowder pie. Both of them were good, however, rich and hardy. Don’t go there with a calorie counter.

We have eaten there before, about five years ago. I remember the room was bigger or was it smaller? I remember then his wife helped Paul and a little girl was over at a side table with a color book and crayons.

Now, I noticed a crayon illustration on the wall. Yep, it is a family type restaurant.

Paul was manning the kitchen, by himself I think. He had a good view of the front door and spoke to just about everybody by name that came in.

One of the people that came in that he spoke to by name was my first cousin, once removed, in-law, Robert Meaders and his daughter, my first cousin, twice removed, Hunter Meaders. At the top is photo of Hunter bopping to music at the Thursday Brownbag Lunch Concert series. I think the photographer did a great job recording Hunter expressing her dancing movement. Robert said he won an award for the picture.

They were both had bad colds or something congestive.

Afterwards we went to the Root House to order the book Marietta, the Gem City of Georgia: A Celebration of Its Homes–A Portrait of Its People by Doug Frey. Doug owns the Trammell House, who I am distantly related to its original owner, Leander Newton Trammell.

While there, talking the two ladies I mentioned my mother lived in this house (Root House) when it was Lemon Street. She and her sister came to Marietta from Cohutta, Georgia, to work in the hosiery mill. One of the ladies found that interesting and wanted to know her name and her sister’s name. They are trying to compile a list of who all lived in the Root House through the years.

She also wanted to know which room they rented and was it upstairs or downstairs. I didn’t know. I told them they also lived in a house on Washington Avenue, across from the Confederate Cemetery but she just looked at me blankly. She was only interested in the Root House inhabitants.

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