Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lookie Here, OMs!

Whitlock Inn c1885

If you know this blog, Chicken-fat, you probably know I have put the pages the Marietta High School yearbook THE OLYMPIAN, publishing a few pages at a time. I went through six years from the first page of the 1955 OLYMPIAN to the last page of the 1960 OLYMPIAN. Don’t ask why I had six years of yearbooks for a five year school.
That ongoing local yearbook thing attracted many OMs (Old Mariettans). But the well has ran dry and some of the OMs are bored and are wandering away.
WAIT! I have more! No more yearbook pages but a more sly way to lure you to this page. As often as I think of it I will try to put up a picture of: Historic Marietta picture; landmarks of Marietta; live and ticking OMs that are still around.

Stick around

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