Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Still Have It!

We go to a Mah Jongg two hour Mah Jongg session every Tuesday. Most of the players are elderly ladies. I found they believe in going strictly by the rules.

We learned to play Mah Jongg about three months ago and found it to be very relaxing and good for your mind exercise of concentration. You play with little ivory looking tiles that have Asian symbols on them.

At our last session a lady at our table tried to get the attention of a lady at the next table. She called her name a few times but apparently she was so absorbed in the game she didn’t the caller.

I told the lady to hit her in the back of the head with a tile and that will get her attention.

An elderly woman at the table looked up at me, thought for a second or two what I said then busted out giggling. Her face turned red and she giggled so much her body shook.

It felt like old times in high school. I still have it!



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