Monday, May 09, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! part 49

My mother’s father’s parents, or my great grandparents were Daniel Webster Petty (1843-1913) and Sarah Jane Garrett Petty (1850-1929).

December 31, 1862, Daniel enlisted - Confederate Army Co B, 65th Regiment, Ga. Infantry. His unit fought in Mobile and various other places. Early in his combat history he came down with the dreaded disease piles and carried it with him the rest of his life. He became a medic during the war.

Afterwards, he authorized an attorney in Springplace, Georgia, to receive his CSA pension. I have seen this type of authorization several times to do with CSA veterans. Apparently, taking time off from the farm each month to go to town and do in a timely manner to go to the bank took time off from the farm, so an attorney did it for him, for a fee, I’m sure.

In 1881 his father Elijah Petty died. Elijah had named Daniel as executor of the estate. He turned it down. He had five siblings and seven half-siblings, and I suppose he didn’t want to be squabbling in the middle of them.

His wife Sarah Jane Garrett Petty I think had something wrong with her. Some of her grandchildren thought she was a drinker and others thought she was an epileptic. She was known to reach out and grab any grandchild that got with reach of her and shake the child hard. Of course, take into account these are childhood memories that were passed on.

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