Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! Part 54

Mary Spurlin (1904-1997) was actually a Petty in-law. She was the wife of William Richard Walker, who was the grandson of William Peyton and Martha Petty. Here is what I have on her:

Mary was affectionately known to all her step-family as "Grand-Mary". She was a special person. She took care of William as he was sick for quiet sometime. She also treated her step-family as they were her own.
We will alway remember that Grand-Mary had ginneas and cows wondering around her yard. And her feather bed, Dr. Peppers in the refrig and cornbread on the table.
Mary was lving with Bryant and Deller Pierce in Cleveland or Burchwood, Tennessee, when Ora Walker introduced her to William Richard Walker. Mary could have been related to Dellar. She may also had a son killed in a car wreck.
- excerted from Wayne and Danna Tippens

Also today we have Nathan Petty, died 1868. He was the husband of Tempe Arminta Petty, daughter of John A. and Betty Dawson Petty. I'm not sure what Pettys were Nathan's parents. Here is what I have on him:

He was shot by his cousin, George Petty, in a dispute.

Also, Nathan lost his life in Sept 1868 and his only son Joseph A. Petty was born a month later.



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