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Huey "Kingfish" Long
Earl Long
Follow this Eddie Hunter/Tyson Trail:

Edwin Tyson Hunter, Jr. (me) & Annemarie Paulette Prance
Edwin Tyson Hunter, Sr (1911-1988 & Ethel America “Janie” Petty
Minnie Victoria Tyson (1879-1948 & Frank Paris Hunter
Obediah Hargraves Tyson (1852-1910) & Nancy Elizabeth Huey
Robert Cabel Tyson (1821-1864) & Sarah Moody
Eugene Hargraves/Job Tyson (1798-1868) & Frances Eliza Portress Herring
Job Tyson (d1803) & Delitha Stanton
John Tyson (1723-1767) & Bethany Hines
Thomas Tyson (d1780) & Sabra Mason
Mathias Tyson (1836-1683) & Susanika Tyson.

Mathias and Susanika had 12 children. Among those children were Moses Tyson.
Lets follow this Tyson line down:

Moses Tyson(abt 1686 – abt 1710)
Aaron Tyson (1710-1781) & Mary Leath
John Tyson (1737-1791) & Mary May
William Tyson (abt 1783-1860) & Sarah Vince
James Edward Tyson (1811-1872) & Caroline Charlotte Albright

Caledonia Palestine Tyson (1860-1913) & Huey Pierce Long.

Huey and Caladonia Tyson Long had 10 children.
Two of them were:

Huey Pierce "Kingfish" Long (1893 – 1935) and Earl Kemp Long (1895-1960).

Here is what I have on Kingfish:

He had been a farm boy with little formal education beyond high school, but became governor of Louisiana and a United States senator. Long gained high office by calling for social reforms to benefit poor farmers and workers. He adopted the slogan "Every Man a King."
He was elected governor in 1928. As governor, he built roads and hospitals, provided free school- books, and established night schools to teach adults to read. In 1929, the Louisiana House of Reprensentatives voted to impeach Long on the charge of misusing state funds. But the state Senate aquitted him.

Long was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1930. He refused to resign as governor until 1932, when his handpicked successor was elected to the office and began to carry out Long's programs according to his orders.
Long organized the Share-the-Wealth Society, which promised homestead allowances and a minimum annual income for every American family. In 1935 he became a candidate for President. His candidacy threatened to split the Democratic Party.
But Long was shot on Sept. 8, 1935, in the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge by Carl A. Weiss, a physican. Long's bodyguards killed Weiss immediately. Long died two days later.
-The World Book Encylopedia, L, p395-396

Here is what I have on Earl:

He served three times as governor of Louisiana - from 1939 to 1940, from 1948 to 1952, and from 1956 to 1960. He was elected to the United States House of Represenatives 10 days before he died.
Earl and his brother Huey became polical foes in 1932 after Huey refused to name Earl as his organization's candidate for lieutenant governor.
He studied law at Tulane and Loyola universities.

His wife tried to get him legally declared insane and incompetent when he tried to get equal rights for blacks.

What these two connecting Tyson lines digest to is that I am 6th cousin, twice removed to the Long brothers.

To give you an idea how closely the relation is, it has been figured out that about almost every native commoner in England is at least 4th cousin to each other.

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