Sunday, May 08, 2011

Peggy and I

The previous weekend I tried loading a video to Youtube from the video program Windows Live Movie Maker. It was a HD movie. All the movies I have uploaded to Youtube were HDs.

This time as soon as I pressed the Youtube button the Live Movie Maker program informed me Youtube did not accept movies of that density. Well, I know it was wrong but you cannot argue with a computer.

The program recommended to downsize it to a smaller density, and click a choice for the system to downsize it for me.

I clicked and it instantly asked me for my user name and password. I typed it my name and password and it immediately told me it was incorrect.

I looked at my records, checked and double checked my passwords and user name. I was right and it was wrong. Grrrrrr.

The next step was to utilize the “forgot password?” function, which each time I started it, it told me it was going through some problems, check back in a few minutes or the next day.

This went on for a few days.

Also there was a place if you had any problems write them; just “click here”
I clicked and was staring at blanks for my user name and password. It wouldn’t recognize my name and password there either and wouldn’t let me go on to complain about the system not accepting my credentials. It was a Catch-22 situation.

By the way, the video I was trying to send is on the previous post. I sent it by the Flip video editor program. I prefer the movie maker because it allows you to label things and people.

We called the AT&T help desk. The help desk technician told us the Live Windows Movie Maker was a Microsoft Program and not their program, but she gave me the number of Microsoft’s help number. Which we called.

We ended up with a hateful technician with a chip on his/her shoulder. He/She reminded me very much of Peggy on the Discover Credit Card commercial. Before we could tell he/her all the problems we encountered he/she told us they were going to send us a form to fill out on line and when we filled that out we would be directed to the technician party to discuss our problem with on-line.

“Great!” I said.

He/She told us it might take 5 minutes for it to go through.

I checked my email in 6 mintues and it wasn't there. One hour later I checked and it wasn't there. We went to bed and the first thing the next morning I checked and it wasn't there. Nor, the next day, or the next.

That was three or four days ago and it is not here yet.

Peggy pulled a fast one.

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