Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! Part 53

Whoa! I got thrown a little off course when Google Blogging went down for two or three days last week and when it came back up it swallowed several of my posts already up. Now I am calmly trying to reconstruct what I did and didn't do.

One of my Petty relatives is/was Zachariah Petty (1742-1799). He was married to Hannah Elizabeth Marshall. Hanna was sister to Supreme Justice John Marshall (1755-1835).
- Petty Papers Vol 6, p 37.

Timothy Dodson (1788-1885) was the son of Caleb Dodson and Elizabeth Petty. Timothy DODSON was considered a neighbor of President Andrew Jackson. He was a pallbearer at his funeral in 1845.

He owned most of the land fronting the Lebanon and Nashville from from Stone River Bridge to the Hermitage.

There is a book in the State Library in Nashville, Tennessee, which gives a sketch of his life.

I can get my second Soft drink free with these papers at any place that allows you to fill up your own drinks cups.

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