Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of the World Is Not Rapture

Wait! If I understand correctly it was not the end of the world that was to happen yesterday (according to some) but the Rapture.

And if I understand Rapture correctly it is when Jesus returns and goes back to Heaven with his sinless believers. Then, left here on earth will be us sinners for so many more months, I forgot how many, but I think it is predicted to be less than a year, THEN the world will end. Again, that is according to the current predictions.

On the news some announcers said the end of the world didn’t happen yesterday. Well, as I said, according to the predictors it wasn’t suppose to.

Others said Rapture did not occur.

How do they know Rapture didn’t occur? Maybe very few qualified and they are so quiet and humble they haven’t been missed yet.



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