Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here Yesterday, Gone Today

I am methodically and whimsically going through piles of old unsorted pictures and trying to give them some kind of order.

The above was taken around Christmas time in the late 1970s at the PSDS Office (Time Keeping) in Atlanta at the Postal Federal Annex building on Forysth Street. We were th midnight crew in time keeping.

You can probably tell I developed this black & white myself (notices the sploches of chemicals on it?)

Left to right: Me, Cahterine Chapman, Billy Martin, Marty Keller, Roy Brown, W.L. Wright, and Alice W. Allen.

I rmember Marty Keller wanted very badly to be a postmaster. He finally got his wish and was Postmaster in Rydell, Georgia.. In less than two years he died. Roy Brown and Alice Allen also have died and I'm sure others in the photo have passed by now.

Which brings up the next subject. Last night we went to a memorial service of a co-worker who died last week. He died within a couple of months after he retired. I saw and got to mingle with many of my ex-co-workers and throughly enjoyed seeing them all. But frankly, some I forgot existed.

Last week a family friend died and we went to the funeral. This week, another life long friend died.

Enjoy and appreciate your relatives, friends, and co-workers while you can still look them in the eyes.

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