Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mark Bagley Does SPIDER-MAN Again!

Monday we donated a truck load of stuff to the American Thrift Store. After I dropped the stuff off I decided to stop by Doctor No’s Comicbook Shop in the same shopping center. It has been a while since I have been there.

As I stood at the wall long comic book display, a polite young man asked if he could help me. He probably would have liked to add “Gramps” to the question. I asked if he knew what “Mark Bagley is doing now? He was doing SUPERMAN and before that it was SPIDERMAN”…..

The young man said he was back doing SPIDERMAN. The old creating team got together to draw the series of events that will lead up to SPIDERMAN’s death. He handed me an issue. The title was DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN. That makes sense.

I wondered aloud what was next, since they are killing off the superhero. He said the same team is making a series called BRILLIANT, which takes place in Seattle about a team of geniuses making some ordinary people super people.

Seattle is where Peter Bagg’s HATE’S Buddy lived for a while and had some adventures. Is this a gathering or come together of all modern comic book characters – kind of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF A THIRD KIND?

I knew to ask about Mark Bagley at Doctor No’s because the shop owner, Cliff Biggers got Mark started illustrating comics. I casually mentioned that Mark was my first cousin Patti’s husband. He said their daughter worked there not long ago. I said I thought she was in Arizona or someplace out west. He said she is back here now. He named off all three of Angie’s children and Patti’s name. I was impressed; he knew more about my Hunter relatives than I do.

I asked, “Three children? I thought she had one!” He said “three.”

I said, “Well, like grandma, like granddaughter – Her grandmother had a dozen kids that lived to be adults.” He looked surprised. Ahah! I told him something he didn’t know.


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