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Sumac Presb Church, Crandall, Murray County, Ga

I haven’t posted a cemetery in a long time (they are more work).

Sumac Presbyterian Church Cemetery is in Crandall, Murray County, Georgia, is northwest of Dalton, and almost directly north of Chatsworth, Georgia, on Hwy 225. The church and the cemetery is just several miles south of the Tennessee state line.

I have been to this cemetery a number of times. The place has a lot of relatives on my mother’s side of the family.

It is on a high hill or ridge and has a magnificent view of farms and the country side.

Addie Ridley Davis was my grandmother’s sister.

Ruby Ridley Dickson was my grandmother’s sister.

Walter Ridley was a challenged person. After their parents died my grandmother and her siblings took care of Walt. I remember him well. He always wore overalls. He is in Ruby and Babe Dickson’s plot.

James “Jim” Petty was my grandfather’s brother. He married Lillie Henry. Four of his children and their wives are also in the family plot.

Georgia Petty King was my grandfather’s cousin. My grandfather also had a daughter named Georgia.

Sarah Arrowood is the wife of Andrew Jackson Bookout.

Andrew Jackson Bookout is the son of my ancestor Jesse Bookout.

I am not related to the Arthur family, I just thought their marker was unique.

Clarence Bookout is Andrew Jackson Bookout’s son.

As mentioned above Jesse Bookout is my ancestor. He had an older stone or marker and the above replaced it. It is said he came to this area before 1832, which was before the white man was allowed and worked for Chief Vann, which was also forbidden – for a white man to be employed by and Indian.

Nova Bookout was married twice. One of her marriages was to V.C. Davis. V.C. Davis was also married to Addie Ridley, mentioned above.

Lizzy Lackey was married to a distant cousins, Elijah W. Petty.

Maggie was first the wife to T.J. Lackey and secondly to my ancestor’s brother William D. Petty. It appears to be something of a soap opera before TV going was going on.

Elijah Petty, son of William D. Petty, mentioned above.

Here is another Georgia Petty marker. Wait! I am confused.

J.N. Petty. A mystery.

W.D. Petty was my great grandfather’s brother. He was born in North Carolina, grew up in Fannin County, and moved to Murray County.

Andrew Pullen was a ancestor’s brother.

John Pullen is Andrew Pullen’s brother. Interesting, there is a marker by the parking lot at the beginning of the Cemetery down the road at Calvary Baptist Church – the marker thanks John for his donation for care of the cemetery.

Clarence Ridley is a distant cousin. I thought both markers are vital.

Luke and Sally Dunn were the parents of Clarence (above).

Thomas Jefferson Ridley and Maryetta Pullen are my ancestors. They are the parents of my grandmother; my mother’s mother’s parents.

William M. Ridley is another mystery.

I left out about a dozen pictures of stones hard to read, spouses, etc.

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Blogger kenju said...

Well, JN was a Mason,so he must have been a good guy!

I sure hope that church has a handicapped entrance! All those steps!

9:51 AM  
Blogger ET said...

JN was part of a secret society. Wow!

If I remember correctly the handicap parking is near the basement level. I been in the church one time. I bet there is an elevator going up to the sanctuary.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I enjoyed reading your history behind the Sumach cemetery. My family has attended that church for quite some time. I'm sure I have family I am unaware of buried in the cemetery there.

The only person I can think of right now is Betty Garrison. She was once my great aunt (through marriage); although, I never stopped calling her "Aunt Betty." She would never hold back what was on her mind and was usually surrounded by a cloud of smoke (at least until her health started to fade). She taught me how to make "mud pies" when I was a little kid, and we would often explore abandon houses when we got bored. She was a wonderful woman. I love her dearly. So if you come across "Betty Garrison" now you sort of know who she is. ;)

Oh, and there is a ramp to the left of the church now for handicapped entrance. There is also an elevator that moves from the bottom floor to the sanctuary upstairs for those who need it.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I'm glad you enjoy it. I knew about the ramp. I saw it when we once went to a Pullen family reunion there.

I'll keep my eyes opened for Betty Garrison. That name sounds familiar.

Someplace on my blog is a posting of Calvary (or is it Mt Calvary) Baptist Cemetery which is is just down the road a mile or two from Sumac.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Papaw said...

My uncle Clint Bryant and aunt Jane Bryant are resting at Sumac Church cem. Do any of you remember my uncle Charlie Hayes who served Sumac for many years?I to have many friends and relatives who are buried there.I love and miss all of them.......Gene Dunn Cincinnati Ohio.

10:05 AM  

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