Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Edna Jane Garrett White

Edna Jane Garrett White is a relative on my mother’s side. I am descended from her grandfather, Joseph Garrett.

Edna was born in Fannin County, Georgia, but moved to Marietta after she was grown.

In late 1970s when I started working at my family tree somehow Edna got word that I was doing so, and got in touch with me. I suppose my mother told her.

Edna called me up and invited me over to her house, she had some pictures and things to show me. She had some pictures of the Garretts and their houses and barns in Fannin County and some Garrett Reunions there. She lived off Church Street in Marietta on Frances Avenue in a very pretty white house with a long front porch. – the whole house was spotless clean. Things seemed to shine.

She also had a lot of Garret heirlooms – bowls, silver, cabinets, and so on. She was probably in her 80s at that time, but had a energetic hyper full steam, nervous energy about her.

They way she rushed around showing me things to take pictures of she reminded me “Mother” in Psycho.

Her husband was very laid back and looked very tired. I think I would be too, if I had to keep up with Edna every day. His hair was snowball white, the same as her hair.

Not only did she have artifacts and heirlooms in her house, but over on Cherokee Street was a retired general that lived there at one time that she was friends with. If I remember correctly she had a key and we pulled out china plates and things that she had custody of to photograph. Since the guy was no relation to me, I gave her the pictures.

I think she died about a dozen years ago… and her husband died a few years before that, may he rest in peace.

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