Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Day of Gallivanting.

Yesterday Anna and I went to Atlanta, down Roswell Road, near the Tuxedo area to eat at the Pig N Chick Barbecue. We read some good things about the eatery and decided to try it ourselves.

We were not sure where on Roswell Road it was. We thought it was just before you cross the Chattahoochee River into Roswell. We were wrong - it wasn't there. We called Rocky on our cell phone and he went on-line and told us the street address and telephone number... modern technology! It was closer to Buckhead, which I suppose is considered midtown Atlanta. It is near Chastain Park and the Tuxedo & Wieuca Roads area. It was a nice enjoyable ride. We have not road down that way in many years, it was a ride down memory land. We kept saying, “”See that? Remember the time…”.

The Pig N Chick is a very neat place with blue checkered table cloths. The food, I thought was delicious. The place did good business. A lot of people were there. One time during our meal I told Anna that in my view, which was most the room every male was wearing a shirt with a collar… they all looked like young professionals and all worked in a manner their hands didn’t get dirty. It was a barbecue place for yuppies! But, it was good never-the-less.

There were no hard blues music playing, on an old black man playing a harmonica on a wooden porch which wasn’t there, no fights in the parking lot – as a mater fact, the place were in a double-decker horseshoe shape shopping center, and took up no more room than a laundry store would take up. The only two motorcycles belonged to the two Atlanta police officers enjoying their barbecue.

I guess good food does not necessarily have to be served with a rough-type kind of background….. a little preset notion of mine.

After we ate we drove back to Cobb County to see the latest Indiana Jones movie…. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull or something like that. Two people, my son Adam and my friend Pappy, have seen the movie and they both more or less said it was lame.

Well, yes it was lame… but it was good action packed lameness. A few good swinging on vines and bullwhip scenes, and a good long hand-to-hand combat fight on a couple of military vehicles driving high speed on a dangerous road – which no self-respecting Indiana Jones movie would be without. It was just a good old-fashioned action packed movie… the kind you walk away afterwards and picturing yourself swinging on a vine or making a long leap to grab somebody’s arm before they fall into the jaws of a sure death.

I think Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas (the creator of the story) must have read The Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Däniken and were deeply impressed by it.

We have an AMC Theater card which gives you bonus points that will build towards a free ticket and sometimes they toss you a bone, such as free popcorn or a Coke or something. Yesterday it gave us two little tickets for small-size popcorns, which we redeemed at the concession counter. The same concession that was on the news a few months ago for being held up by a robber, who afterwards fled to one of the many theaters in the building and never was caught. Not only did he rob the place but he got to see a free movie…. No wait, he had to get in, unnoticed, so I think he probably had to pay to in, therefore, he paid to see the movie – work expense related, he can deduct that!

With our two bags of popcorn we went into the theater that was on our tickets. There were on seven people in the audience. An elderly couple, us, and three women. When we sat down we accidentally dropped one of the popcorn sacks, looking almost half of it contents on the floor. When the movie was over we were laughing about all the popcorn on the floor at our seat and we imagine the people that had to cleanup after each show said, “Kids!” We can they might have to get a larger vacuum cleaner to sweep all the popcorn up… and I said, “or a blower.”

Late yesterday evening we went to a Mexican restaurant and sat by a family that the older kids seemed to chase each other around the table, and the baby sat in its mama’s lap and screamed blood curdling screeching noises.. I can honestly say the parents did not let the kids disturb their meal – but I can’t say the same for the others around them.

It was a nice fun day.

below is the first page of Will Elder's art art work on Annie Fannie and her Indiana Jones adventure that originally appeared in PLAYBOY. Click on the picture to make it larger for details - and I am not going to say what kind of details.

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Blogger Si's blog said...

So you admit to gallivanting in public.

Almost went to see the new Indy film when we were in The Big City. Glad we went to Kitt Kitteridge instead. That is worth the money.

Neat tale, well told.

Especially Little Annie Fanny.

10:48 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

I used to like Little Annie Fanny because the details are so good (like the face of Nixon down in the corner!).

1:30 PM  
Blogger ET said...

We don't get out often and when we do, I find a tale in it somewhere, that people who do get out often don't see.
Now, we are going to put the latest BATMAN on our agenda.

You are right. That is one of the main reason I like Will Elder's art so much - the irreverent details, almost each time I look over his art I pick up on something new I haven't noticed before.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I thought it had all the motions, as you said, but it also lacked heart. I can watch any of the other three movies over and over, but I'll probably only see the Skull one once. Still, I loved having Karen Allen back. She's adorable!

3:29 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Now that you put it into words, that is what I was trying to say about the BBQ place - it lacked love.
Yes, it was nice to see Karen Allen again. I saw something on her on the CBS Sunday Morning Show, she now designs and outfits entertainers or something like that.
She is very rarely in movies these days.

4:42 PM  

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