Saturday, July 26, 2008

OK For Guns in the Hospital Waiting Room

Friday I was sitting in a waiting area of the admissions area at the hospital. I noticed a man at the counter talking to the receptionist. He was a stout red headed guy. He had two guns, one on each hip. I suppose legally it is ok to carry a gun, or guns, if they are not concealed. This guy was a two-gun Pete.

It is OK, as in OK Corral, now to carry guns in public places.

This guy looked like the type who was a bully in school years ago and loves to intimidate. He can do a lot of intimidating with two guns on his sides.

Then I thought, what if someone else, with two guns, equal as intimidating came in the waiting room. Then someone high-strung with two bigger guns came in, and he held the door opened for a wobbling drunk, that was spinning a six-shooter on his finger.

Then I saw a volunteer push a sick looking man slumped over in a wheelchair by. The sickly old man looked as if he was detached from reality. What if he suddenly, without warning, the sick old man let out a blood curdling scream?


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