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Off to WWII from Marietta

click on any clipping to see it better.

I think I flubbed up on this article. That is what happens when you work on something, but it aside for over a week and expect to pick up where you left off. All the articles are mixed up.

I came across this article and borrowed it and scanned the article.

Luckily, I transcribed the short story and all the names. I am not sure all the pictures are there and I know the newspaper printed story is not here, but you probably couldn't have read it anyway. I believe it was printed in August 1942, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

If I wasn't me and I had to grade this on presentation I would give Mr. Me a F. But since I am Me and I know how busy Mr. Me has been lately trying to celebrate his birthday, I give Mr. Me an A, not because he did such a good job, but because he is Me.

About the names. If you are a native of Marietta and or Cobb County, you might see some names and pictures you know. A couple of my uncles are in the pictures and the list. My uncle John S. Hunter and the Frasure next to him are listed in two different rows.

One name I recognized as a man who lived next door to us in the Clay Homes and I was told later in life that it was believed that this man was AWOL and hid in his wife and mother-in-law's apartment.

Now, on with the transcribed names of Marietta men going to war:

Members of Battery E 214th C.A. (A.A.) Marietta, Ga. Who was the first to leave Cobb County prior to The Outbreak of the War. These boys left December 5th, 1940, and are scattered on the Six Continents of the World.

Top Row, Left to Right: Pfc James T. WHITE, Newfoundland; Pfc Grady H. Blevins, Newfoundland; Pfc John A. Henson, Newfoundland; Ralph P. Barfield, Brecia, Cal; Sgt John S. Hunter, Newfoundland; Sgt. Herbert C. Frasure, Newfoundland; unidentified; 1st Sgt Parker M. Sanders, The Islands;
Row 2 – Cpl Jackson W. Dobbins, Newfoundland; Pfc Kermit C. Sanders, Newfoundland; Sgt James Howard Burton, 4th Service Command; Cpl Parris D. Hunter, MAAP; Sgt Robert H. Orr, The Islands; Sgt James B. Kirk, Newfoundland; Pvc Woodrow Hulsey, Newfoundland; Pfc Dallas E. Fowler, Newfoundland; Pfc David F. Scroggins, Newfoundland;
3rd Row- Staff Sgt Jack Arnett, Norfolk; Sgt Ralph P. Barfield, Benicia, Cal; Sgt John S. Hunter, Newfoundland;; Sgt Herbert C. Frasure, Newfoundland; Pvt Homer L. Prather, Newfoundland; Pvt Efford C. Brooks, Marietta, Ga.; Pfc “Speedy” Cantrell, Newfoundland;
4th Row – Sgt Cleveland S. Kirk, Newfoundland; Pfc William C. Blevins, ODRD; Pfc Wayne L. Turner, Newfoundland; Cpl Robert S. Wood, Richmond, Cal; Sgt Herman L. Hulsey, California; Tech Sgt Claude Hicks, OCS, Pvt Charles E. McBurnett, Newfoundland; Lt Glenn E. Bird, Australia; Pfc Clarence R. Pence, Camp Stewart;
5th Row – Pfc John E. Berry, Newfoundland; Pfc Frank V. Lewis, Florida; Cpl Verne E. Allgood, The Islands; Cpl William P. Dobbins, San Francisco, Cal; Sgt William C. Marler, Benecia, Cal; Pfc L.D. Poor, Newfoundland; Cpl James T. Upshaw, Newfoundland; James R. Ferrell, Newfoundland; Pfc Emory R. Parmenter, Unknown;
6th Row: Sgt Julius T. Blackwell, Benecia, Cal; Pvt William Harold Whitlock, Texas; Sgt Henry C. Farmer, Newfoundland; Cpl John P. Sewell, Newfoundland; Master Sgt Ebble T. Lance, Jr, enroute; Pfc D.C. Henden, Newfoundland; Cpl William H. Seabolt, The Islands, Pfc Ellis W. Haygood, Baltimore, Md; Paul J. Barnes, Newfoundland.

2nd page:

Left to right: Top Row: St. Sgt Benjamin F. McLemore, Newfoundland; Pfc Frank H. Barnes, Newfoundland; Cpl Harold C. Hicks, Portland, Or; Tech Sgt Thomas Austin, Newfoundland; 1st Sgt Walter F. Sutton, in school; Pfc Millard E. Whitlock, Capt William J. Black, Jr, Jackson, Miss; Pvt Roy Lee Evans, Newfoundland; Pvc Robert P. Stokes, Newfoundland;
2nd Row – Sgt Jimmy Barfield, Newfoundland; Pfc James H. Prince, Newfoundland; Pvt Wilburn r. Kirkendoll, Newfoundland; Pvt Warren A. Pace, Fort Dix, N.J.; Pfc Major Doghouse Gentry, Newfoundland; Pvt James Owen, U.S. Army, Egypt; Pvt Marcelle A. Cantrell, Brunswick; Pvt Edwin r. Smith, Newfoundland; Lt James ‘Red” Presley, The Islands;
3rd Row – Cpl Thomas Clay, Newfoundland; Pvt Fred R. Matthews, Newfoundland; 1st Sgt James E. Franklin, Benecia, Cal; Pvt Lewis Poor, Atlanta; Pvt Millard owen, Trion; Pfc Thomas A. Wright, Newfoundland; Sgt Robert H. Orr, The Islands; Cpl Oliver K. Wallace, Newfoundland; Cpl James E. Whitten, Newfoundland;
4th Row-Unidentified; Cpl Jackson W. Dobbins, Newfoundland; Pvt Russell Holey, ODRD; Cpl James L. Pierce, Benecia, Cal; Pfc Boze Lee Dobbs, Newfoundland; Tech Sgt James H. Burton, 4th Service Command; Pfc Kermit C. Sanders, Newfoundland; Pfc James Dawson, Australia; Sgt james B. Kirk, Newfoundland;
5th Row – Lt Herbert Reynolds, Canal Zone; Pvt Guy Wilbanks, Newfoundland; Pvt Arthur S. Thompson, Newfoundland; Pvc Ray C. Robertson, Newfoundland; 1st Sgt Parker M. Sanders, The island; Pfc George D. Rakestraw, Newfoundland; Cpl Arthur T. Bacon, Newfoundland; Pfc Grady H. Blevins, Newfoundland; Pfc Alfred L. Ferrell, Australia.
6th Row- Unidentified; Pvt Thomas H. Dobbins, Newfoundland; 1st Sgt Harold E. Wallace, Newfoundland; Pvt Richard Dobbins, ODRD: Sgt Joseph E. Butler, Newfoundland; Cpl Everett W. Wilson, Newfoundland; Pfc Clifton W. Phagan, Lawson General Hospital; Capt William V. Crowley, Jr. Benecia, Cal.

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Blogger Bhob said...

It does say "August 1942" in the corner of two pages (both with exact date curiously missing).

A lot of the stuff you dig up about old Marietta might be in Newspaper Archive which now claims to have 80,000,000 newspaper pages. I see they have not scanned the MARIETTA DAILY JOURNAL, but they do have the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.

I know someone who is using Newspaper Archive to research old obscure rock music groups of the 1950s.

5:57 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Thanks for information about the archived newspapers articles. The Marietta Journal has that service, I think of stuff over a week old for a price.
I noticed that too, that the date was August 1942, not the day, which is confusing because it is and was a daily paper.
Also, it was a story of an event that took place about two years before - even before the war started. I guess it was the "Loose lips sink ships" thing.

6:07 AM  
Blogger Bhob said...

Checking, I see that the MARIETTA JOURNAL uses News Library but has a gap from 1925 to 1998. Have you used that service? I assume from the 1998 dates that newspapers turn their computerized files over to News Library to handle as archives.

Newspaper Archive is a different service which has managed to get its 80,000,000 pages (many from 19th Century) not by scanning newspaper pages but instead by scanning microfilm. I've found it to be an amazing tool for research.

Another service is Paper of Record which claims 21 million images. I used it to look up some things in old issues of GRIT.

6:46 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Thanks for that information. No, I haven't used any kind of archive service. The money factor keeps me at a safe distance.
Although I think it would pay off in information if I did. My father was chief of the Marietta Police in the late 40s to the mid 50s then chief of Cobb County Police and his brother was Mayor several years after than, plus the other 6 brothers were active in a newsy kind of way.
One story I know is there, which I always wanted to pursue is that my older sister jokingly, making fun of the Letters to Santa page in the MDJ in the early 50s said she was going to send in a letter to Santa saying, "Dear Santa, I don't want much for myself, but I would like for my parents to have a son-in-law." She didn't send it in but one of her friends did as a joke. It was printed and one of either UP or AP picked it up and ran in nation wide and it was long that my sister was getting sacks of mail daily c/o the MDJ. A reporter and a photographer came out and interviewed the family, and I was about 10 then - just the age to be a brat and I was quoted as saying, "She is more famous than Margaret Truman!"

7:53 AM  
Blogger Bhob said...

In less than ten minutes on Newspaper Archive, I found one of those articles about your sister in the HAMMOND TIMES (Hammond, Indiana) for December 30, 1951. I'll send it to you by email.

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bhob!

Great work. I found your blog because one of the men in the article was my maternal grandfather, Parker M. Sanders. I don't know where "The Islands" were, but he ended up with Patton's 3rd Army, and was with him the whole way across Europe, taking part in the liberation of several of the Nazi Death-Camps-- which haunted him for the rest of his life. He became an engineer working for the government, involved in creating the "Early Warning System" across the Arctic, to warn of incoming Soviet nuclear missiles. He was also involved in the Apollo Project which put men on the Moon.
Again, thanks for your good work!
John Marmaro, Spring Hill, Florida

7:00 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Thanks John. That was very interesting. I'm not Bhob. Bhob's name is there because he made a comment - just like you did.

11:15 AM  

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