Saturday, July 14, 2007

Socks, Socks, and some more Socks

I had the handyman over Thursday to do several little things on my “to do list”.

I sort of hung around and talked some to him and was on hand to make any decisions (right or wrong) and to “step & fetch” something if needed.

This is almost out of a typical Seinfield episode:

He had on a pair of white socks, that was loose yet they still stayed up. He told me about the socks and raised his pants leg to show me. He said he is a diabetic and the doctor recommended that he wear socks without elastic bands because the elastic bands cuts off circulation, which is crucial for diabetics.

I am not a diabetic, but politely said the kind of sock he was wearing suited the need – they stayed up, yet they didn’t cut off circulation. And that was just about all the conversation we had about his socks. I forgot all about it.

That evening about 9 pm the telephone rang and it was the handyman. He told me he had the man’s number that sold those socks wholesale. He said you can buy by the gross, or by packs with either 4 or 6 pairs per pack. He gave me the man’s number.

Then he said the man comes to the Woodstock Post Office one day every two weeks to pick up his mail and that would be a good meeting place, if you called him ahead to place your order.

He went on to tell me each color they had: white (which is what he prefers), black (he only wears those when he dresses up), blue, light bue, tan, and maybe some other color I forgot.

You probably read all this in less than a minute. I must have left out a lot of the details about socks – it took him about 10 minutes to tell me about all the socks available through this man – and I hardly spoke.

Since the meeting to buy the socks is so complicated I wonder if he prefers cash only, and does he look in all directions before he makes the exchange of the socks for your money – you never can be too careful.



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