Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mills and Creeks

Above – My father’s siblings Bee and W.C. at Sope’s Creek.

As I mentioned the Roswell Mill in Roswell, Georgia, was put under control of General Sherman. And, well, I already told that story about the Roswell Mill Women being sent to points north.

About halfway between Marietta and Roswell but has a Marietta address is Paper Mill Road. Paper Mill Road was named Paper Mill for what reason do you think?

A rapid flow whitewater creek by the name of Sope’s Creek turned the mill’s gizmos. Sherman destroyed this mill while he was in town also.

Before there were many swimming pools in Cobb County Sope’s Creek was where young people would go on weekends and ride innertubes on the rapid water and generally splashed and floated around. From time to time someone would collide with a rock and have a bloody head gash or a broken leg.

Near the ruins of the paper mill a covered bridge crossed over the creek. It lasted until Valentines night in 1964. That is the night a friend I grew up had a head on collision with a truck at the bridge and my friend was killed and the bridge was destroyed.

All things must pass.

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