Friday, July 20, 2007

Enon Cemetery in Woodstock, Georgia

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This is Enon Cemetery just north of downtown Woodstock. It has been around a long time. It did not occur to me until this time I drove up to take some more pictures of the latest relatives in residence it is on the edge of the Andersonville community, not to be confused with the city of Andersonville in the southwest part of Georgia that had one of the cruelest CSA War Between the States POW reported. Many books have been written about that Andersonville.

Not this Andersonville. This Andersonville is a laid back community with a lot of farms and country homes. It is where William A. Trammell/Hunter recuperated after he was wounded at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

In the past several months Enon Cemetery was in the news. Many older markers were turned over and damaged. Even the body was stolen – one of the people that has been deceased the longest.

Here is one of the markers that I think was knocked over and damaged. Somebody did a good job repairing it.

Here is the Tippen family memorial marker. It memorializes the family for coming when it was a country reserved for Indians only, according to treaties. But, they broke the treaty and got a marker in their honor.

Arminda Hunter Poor was the only daughter of William A. Trammell/Hunter. She married Lewis Franklin Poor. Many of her children, grandchildren, and their spouses are buried at Enon. Arminda was so named because the lady that lived in the Andersonville community that nursed William back to health was named Arminda.

Here is the latest Poor buried at Enon. Lewis William Poor (Jun 17 1920 – 8 Jul 2007). Lewis was 87. He was cutting grass and afterwards didn’t feel so good. He was rushed to the hospital where he died. Lewis and I have met several times in the Wal-Mart parking lot halfway between his home and our home to share genealogy information. If a casual observer noticed us he/she would think a "deal was going down" between the "Over the Hill" gang.

A brother of Lewis, James Henry Poor died on his birthday.

Another Hunter. Jacie Hunter Ingram. Jacie’s father died as a young man. Jacie’s, her sister Lois, and mother was taken in by her grandparents William and Emaline Hunter.

Jacie Huner Ingram’s son Hunter Ingram and his wife Barbara At one time he was mayor of Woodstock. I visited him several times getting family information. Barbara died several years before he. He said more than once he missed her so much.

These are Anna’s g-g- grandparents Isaac and Adeline Saint John Wright. There are many Wrights buried in this cemetery that are also related to Anna. Isaac fought in the Civil War.

Apparently a man named Wolf was involved in an accident and he died and so did his two children. One child lasted a day longer. Sad.

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Blogger Bird said...

you and hipster should hook up and go to some historical places together. he really loves old cemeteries, etc. just like you do.

3:01 AM  
Blogger ET said...

And the area you live in is a great place for my family cemetery digging.

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am posting this on a few blogs. If you have an interest, come to Hipster and let me know.

Somewhere in the back of my mind is a little lunch somewhere near Athens, Gainesville or the high Perimeter in Atlanta with some like minded bloggers fairly soon- perhaps one or two Saturdays from now. We could all have a little friendly get together for sandwiches and tea and then depart after an hour or two, nothing too weird, or involved.

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