Saturday, July 07, 2007

7 Wonders of Cobb County

In today’s edition of the Marietta Daily Journal there is an article on the 7 Wonders of Cobb County:

The Big Chicken. The Big chicken is our direction beacon in these parts. When someone asks for directions you ask them, “Do you where The Big Chicken is?” and of course they will say yes, then your directions are from there to point B.

The General locomotive that was chased from Kennesaw to Ringgold, Georgia, which inspired Buster Keaton and Walt Disney to make movies of the even. The General is in a museum, which used to be a grain warehouse, owned by a great uncle of mine.

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, which was fought mostly on June 27, 1864, and that is where my great grandfather was shot in the knee and that is why we are here today – but I’m sure you have already heard that story.

Concord Road Covered Bridge. I have rarely mentioned Concord Road Covered Bridge, although it was near our house for seven years. On walks and bike rides I have been by there often. The railroad near there has been discontinued and now it is called the Silver Comet Trail for exercisers such as bikers, runners, walkers, and roller skaters.

The Marietta Square. I mention the Marietta Square often. It is there, serving as a Mecca for Cobb natives.

In today’s edition of the Marietta Daily Journal there is an article on the 7 Wonders of Cobb County:

Lockheed Georgia Aircraft and the Boeing B-29 Superfortress. For many years Lockheed was the biggest employer of the area. Lockheed used to be Bell Aircraft. Then they built Superfortress, which stands ready for action on the edge of Dobbins Air Force Base and Cobb Parkway.

Brandi's World Famous Hot Dogs. Last but not least. I was there for my fix one day last week.

The Brandi’s part of the article:
Hidden in a small wooden shack on the Church Street Extension is a secret recipe so delicious that fewer than 10 people in 28 years have been privy to it: chili. At Brandi's World Famous Hot Dogs, chili-covered wieners have made this simple restaurant a staple in Cobb County. Originally Betty's World Famous Hot Dogs when Betty Jo Garrett opened it in 1979, the eatery is known for great chili, slaw and tea. Garrett's mysteriously scrumptious recipes were sold alongside the business in 2002 to Brandi Wilson. Now, they reside in a safe. - CK

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Blogger kenju said...

I sure would like to have one of those hot dogs, just as soon as I recover from the flu.

5:20 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I'm sorry to hear you have the flu. I think Brandi's spicy chili would cure your flu... chase all those germs out of your system.

5:47 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

This just makes it too tempting to come out for a visit.

12:08 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Come! I would love to show you the highlights of Atlanta (as I know it) and Marietta.

3:35 PM  

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