Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Day in History the Arm Services was Redone

On this date in 1947, the US Air Force, Navy, was formed the U.S. Department of Defense.
And also listed separately, on this date, also in 1947, the US Department of the Army was created.

That is confusing but I think it is all inter-related.

After thinking about it. Just after the War, in the mid 1940s, one young man came out of the war named Gene P.

Next to the Clay Homes the government built a training school for freshly released G.I.s to train them in a trade so they could live productive lives.

Gene drove a motor scooter. Near the trade school he would gather all us kids around him in the Clay Homes. He sat on his motor scooter and told one daring adventure after another. In every story he was the hero…he rescued captured Americans, he killed Germans right and left… . he just about ran the whole war himself.

So why did they need those other soldiers?

The best I can figure it, Gene was probably released from active duty around 1944 or 1945. It took the U.S. Government about two years, until 1947, to realize that they didn’t have Gene there anymore. They were going to have to organized things to replaced Gene so the Department of Defense did a lot of reorganizing so we could feel safe again.

What we didn't know was that Gene returned from the war shell shocked. For years and years after that I saw Gene always in the care of his parents, and all three of them getting older and older.

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