Monday, July 27, 2009

Outdoor Concert

We went to an outside concert at Kennesaw University last night. Like other things in Marietta it has grown beyond recognition. We haven’t been on the campus for at least a year and found it is easy to get lost or turned around driving on the streets and walking on the walks between the buildings.

There are still buildings and being built and additions – I guess it is a never ending process – and after a while when they run out of space the college will devour itself.

The music was good and relaxing. Tempest is a big band/jazz sound with a female crooner. The female crooner played the sounds she could make with her mouth as a musical instrument... Louis Armstrong used to do the same.

Also, it was not hot. A nice gentle breeze was stirring around, which the band director politely grumbled that a gentle breeze is a band's biggest enemy - they were always grabbing their music sheets.

It didn’t seem as crowded as concerts in the past. Now, they charge admission. I wonder if that shooed some people away? When we walked up to the ticket table the lady smiled and was ready to sell us a ticket. I said, “Two senior tickets.”

She pulled out two tickets off her roll and said, “$10 please”

Anna said, “I thought the regular admission was $5 each.”

She said, “No, regular admission is $10 each. Senior discount is 50% off.” She reached down for her pricing instructions to prove her point and said, “Wait, you are right – you just owe me $5.” Which we paid.

There was maybe 30 to 50 people already there… I wonder if they paid her “special double price?”

We were more than an hour early, so we got to see the bulk of people pour in. That is always interesting – to see what jewels they pull from their picnic baskets – or what elaborate seats they have. A lot of wine was poured. Elegance in what used to be chicken farming country.

What appeared to be a middle age Latino man was the cleanup man. He seemed to be all over area with a sack picking up garbage and replacing garbage sacks in cans. He was a busy bee.

Once, while the band was playing, I notice him on stage, in the back of the band bending over picking up discarded paper cups and wrappers.

Here are a few pictures I taken wandering around the campus. Man, has it changed.

This is probably named after Cobb County's own self-appointed Boss Hawg - Harold Willingham.

My first thought was, "What’s this? A sculpture of Martin Luther King as a Cabbage Patch Kid?"

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